‘No One Would Accept Car Crime To Such An Extent’




Part of a  presentation for South East Dublin Garda areas to the Dublin South East Area Joint Policing Committee last night.

Forty seven per cent in one year.

Not including unreported thefts.

Green Party [Dublin City] Councillor Claire Byrne sez:

“This unprecedented rise in bike theft is deeply concerning to anyone who owns a bicycle and to those who want to see an increase in cycling in the city. Research has shown that people are far less likely to invest in a new bike and continue cycling after a theft, so it’s something we need to tackle urgently. 47% is a huge jump by anyone’s standard. No one would accept car crime to such an extent..

“One way to improve this is to create more safe and secure bike parking facilities in the city. I would like to see Dublin City Council recreate the success of the Drury Street Car Park bike parking facility and open new monitored and secure locations, or to roll out more on-street bike lockers that are currently being trialled by Dublin City Beta Projects​….”

Further suggestions welcome below.


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40 thoughts on “‘No One Would Accept Car Crime To Such An Extent’

  1. Rep

    The Green Party should just disband. Utter wasters. They did nothing environmentally friendly during their term in office. They allowed the Corrib Field to go ahead, they introduced water charges, they backed Bertie ‘I won it on a horse’ Ahern.

      1. Rep

        Wow. One policy. In four years they go Bertie to accede to ONE policy. In the meantime, they betrayed all their green principles and bankrupted the country.

    1. Clampers Outside!


      And… wasn’t there a report recently about the way these stats are recorded that apparently / allegedly (take your pick) skews the figures to show a decrease in crime.
      ( I know this skewing was reported in the UK, but I’m damn near positive the same happened here. Plse correct me if I’m wrong and mixing me sh*t up )

  2. Bazler

    Why cant they do a load of sting operations? Or put a tracker in a bike that leads them to the Bicycle stealing Kingpin!

      1. Mikeyfex

        That’s not entrapment though is it?

        Entrapment would be leaving the bike there and somehow forcing them to take it, then nabbing them for taking it. Wouldn’t it?

    1. Dubloony

      Map where bikes are being taken from. Place locked bike with RFID chip in same location and wait. And track.
      Wouldn’t be too hard to orgnanise.

      1. Jonotti

        Won’t stop it. The guy reposnisble won’t get a custodial sentence so can carry on with impunity.

  3. Unreconstructed

    One way to prevent it would be to catch the scumbag criminals who are carrying out the crime, and make sure that the crime is taken seriously by imposing a hefty prison term or a hefty fine. I know, a crazy idea…much better to just get people to buy bigger locks, hide their bikes away, or whatever.

  4. Anomanomanom

    My bike was robbed from an underground car park. The two scumbags who stole it are clearly on camera. Perfect pictures of their faces, yet still the garda can’t find them. I’d find easily myself only the garda won’t give me a copy of the footage. The garda are joke.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      In San Francisco the police tweet pictures of bike thieves in action, and of bike thieves with form walking around with bolt-cutters (and say where they are).

    2. Clampers Outside!

      I fuppin’ hate when they do that !!!!!!!

      It beggars belief!

      Similar one… a friend had her phone robbed. Borrowed her boyfriends phone to track hers, went into the Garda and said ‘here look, GPS says the guy who stole it is around the corner (or some such)’. Garda did nothing…. nada… didn’t even want to know about it.

  5. Skeptik

    Less Gardai on street = increase in crime shocker

    Just like the “cash for cars” fly-postering all over the city, it’s a small number of well equipped and very industrious thieves carrying out most of them. Hot bikes by the containerload heading out of the country. Catch just a couple and that figure would plummet.

    1. Rep

      Read Flat Earth News by Davis. Putting Gardai on the street won’t decrease crime. Gardai would better doing something else.

  6. veritas

    the hyperlink for the Drury St cycle park is referring to the way it is turning into a tip for the sort of rubbish that looks like it came from business locally.it is hard to believe that it is monitored by security if this rubbish can be left there.I would be wary of leaving my bike there

  7. TrippyRez

    Not sure how this will go down but anyway.

    One of the things that you notice when locking up in town is 1. there are a load of people using really crap locks and 2. There are loads of people who don’t bother locking their bikes properly. Obviously there are organised gangs who are going out looking for high end bikes and they’re bringing the tools needed to cut through even the best of locks. But some personal responsibility is required here. If you lock your bike to a lamp and go on the piss and leave it there overnight with your €15 lock – well you’re asking for trouble really. Similarly if you leave your bike badly locked or locked with a crap lock, well you’re asking for trouble. It’s basically like leaving your car somewhere but only locking the driver’s door.

  8. Blublu

    If you want to stop your bike being stolen you need to stop buying nice ones and making them look all attractive and shiny…

  9. Stephen

    Allow people to use the Dublin Bike Rental Scheme 24/7 just like everybody other country that JCDecaux set it up in.

  10. lisa

    I think it would be at least a good start to have rows of bike racks in areas where the Gardai are already present, like outside the 2 main gates of the Dail for example, particularly on the Merrion Sq side – plenty of room there for a heap of bikes.

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