12 thoughts on “Es & Onion

  1. Sheila

    Kevin Street? Technically that small stretch is Redmonds Hill, but I think Tesco and Costa are calling themselves Aungier Street branches.

    Sorry. I’ve woken up very pedantic today :)

    If it’s another Kevin Street, then my apologies sir! :)

  2. Soundings

    Uuuugh, obesity corner, “diet” Coke, the corn syrup which fupps up your metabolism by increasing craving for sugar, and deep fried salty starch fronted by the morbidly obese stroke-faced Tayto. In a decade this crap will have to have plain packaging and stores will be stopped from openly displaying it.

    1. Janet

      kinda with soundings on this one, every time I’m home stunned by people walking / public transport constantly shoving shite in their faces. Ireland is crap snack crazy and it shows especially in kids ..its so socially normal/ people don’t recognise the gravity of what they are chowing down on ..rant over

  3. Eamonn Clancy

    Welcome to the big city, country boy. There’s no Tesco in Kevin Street. Becareful with them roads now, and if anyone offers you some magic beans…

  4. Amadan

    Ibiza? I don’t think sooooo.

    I mean, how much Tequila Slammer puke do you think you could spew into a little bag like that?

  5. JAMS

    What are they trying to do to Mr Tayto’s image?

    First there was that very strange TV ad with a young guy looking at soft porn, a young lady with VPL and more and another guy with a massive lunchbox. And creepy old Mr Tayto is seen whispering in their ears.

    Now they have him dressed up like some pill-pushing pimp.

    Who is responsible for this travesty?

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