21 thoughts on “Vaguely Rude World

    1. Mr. T.

      Because you watch crap English telly and don’t pay attention to your own geography and history?

  1. ShankillFalls

    I know they are using the British flag to indicate language choice but it still makes me very uneasy seeing them stamped all over Ireland so I’m afraid I can’t enjoy this otherwise excellent use of time and energy.

      1. ShankillFalls

        Couldn’t do it due to British oppression for 800 years….. Catch yourself on lad!

    1. dave g k

      Plus, there’s no language called ‘British’.

      Flag of Saint George might have mad a bit more sense.

  2. The Old Boy

    Frank Hall did a sketch that was considered rather risqué in the 70s, in which he was standing at a rural roadside, turned to the camera and said “I am sick and tired waiting for the effin bus.” The camera then panned out to reveal the road sign “EFFIN 4 >”

  3. Gary Gale

    Thank you all for the coverage and for the comments. If you go to the Vaguely Rude Places map now, you’ll notice that the flag icons have vanished. It’s less colourful but it also doesn’t now show the United Kingdom flag (and to be fair, the Italian flag either) on other countries. Yes, this was meant to show the language but with the benefit of hindsight I Balls(Cross)’d that up (and yes, Balls Cross is on the map).

    Thanks to you fellow commenters, there’s more additions to the map. I’ll add all your recommendations as soon as I get the time.



    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Place-name tourism is born!
      Recall coming off an Autobahn just to bring a passenger to Titz. He wanted to see how big it was.
      Great map, Gary.

  4. Gary Gale

    Oh and if you’re allowed to niggle at the double Muff entry, I guess I’m allowed to niggle that I’m Gary. Not ever been a Gerry and no plans to change that.

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