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    1. Original Cynic

      Will the Quinns’ conscience then compel them to reimburse the “Quinn levy” to the people of Ireland?

  1. Lilly

    Women sending fan mail to Dwyer, is the country full of crazy, deluded idiots? What next, will they have to build him a BDSM dungeon in Arbour Hill for conjugal visits.

      1. Ms Piggy

        This always seems to happen with trials of this kind – it happens the world over and I believe did so right back into the 19thC, when crime reporting first became a popular (and grisly) entertainment. I don’t begin to understand it, and I presume the motivations vary a bit. It’s horrible and deeply tragic, but it is a thing, and to be fair it’s really not EL James’ fault!

          1. Stumpy

            The only thing we can really pin on E. L. James is an appalling grasp of the English language.

  2. Soundings

    Is the “DEPRAVED” on the front of the Mail referring to Dwyer or to the Mail’s lurid coverage.

    I’d say some prison officer has got the price of a week in Lanzarote for handing a copy of the fan mail to the Mail. Ole, ole.

    And, what are the odds the fan mail is from some Irish hack trying to get an insight into the case? Small, I’d guess, Irish hacks wouldn’t usually put that sort of effort into a story.

    And, what a nice picture of the father of the monster in the Sunday World. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, eh?

    1. Sp

      Are you joking or engaging in a bit of character assassination like the Sunday World are?

      Don’t see how they can justify publishing his father’s picture. At least there was some tangential justification for publishing a picture of his wife in that she testified at the trial.

    2. ahyeah

      What is that ‘apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ comment with respect to his father supposed to mean?

      1. Soundings

        It means the nudge, nudge, wink, look at his family, would ya, hah, that’s where Stabby comes from. Nurture and nature.

        Never mind the fact the parents are probably devastated beyond belief by the revelations and conviction.

        It’s a gross intrusion into the family’s privacy, the father didn’t commit this murder, their 43-year old son did.

        1. ahyeah

          Okay, thank you for that. I misunderstood (or was’t sure about) your first comment.

          [Not that it lessens the crassness of the SI’s behaviour, but I’d imagine having his photo in the newspapers is the least of his father’s concerns right now.]

    3. Ultravox

      Exactly, the real question is “how does the media know he receives fan mail?” Answer: screws leaking it to the media. The cops are just as bad.

      What is remarkable is the lusting for revenge against Dwyer on Irish social media. And the remedy? Overwhelmingly it is NOT state-sanctioned murder–capital punishment–according to law, but a gleeful wish for sexual violence–anal rape–to be inflicted on him by fellow criminals.

      Anyone calling for that kind of retribution is either deeply damaged by past experience or a fantastst of Dwyer’s ilk. Regardless, they should seek professional help.

  3. B

    Maybe This is why i havent been a success in Irish journalism but why is Graham Dwyer visiting his son in prison a story and a front Page story. he is a father he is visiting his son in prison.it isnt a news Story.

    1. Soundings

      It requires too much effort, manpower and equipment for Irish hacks to capture bears defecating in wooded areas. Much cheaper to send a photographer a few blocks up the city at prison visiting time to photograph the family who were present throughout most of the trial.

  4. Dubloony

    Papers a bit OTT. Level of coverage is lurid.
    He’s one person I really don’t ever want to hear about again.

    1. Ultravox

      Expect tiresome patriarchy is to blame BS from Una Mullally and co tomorrow. No wait, Kathy Sheridan’s there already.

  5. B

    The ‘reporting’ of the trial has gone the usual way.The innocent victim etc. it sells newspapers. we need a boogie man.hes the new boogie man albeit One With a tsquare and poor taste in bathroom furniture.

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