Here’s Nuala With The Weather Angle


weatherToday’s Irish Independent.

I, for one, am relieved that while sometimes Mother Nature is the silent witness to crimes eventually she wants to be heard and brings key evidence to our attention…

Sounds reasonable.

How the weather can play a vital part in catching a killer (Nuala Carey,

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23 thoughts on “Here’s Nuala With The Weather Angle

  1. Drogg

    Seriously i thought the twelve page pull out in the sunday mail was the jump the shark moment for this craziness, but i was wrong.

  2. Jimboy

    This woman is fantastic craic – when she was on the Late Late once she explained how she broke up with her fella as he couldnt cope with her fame #nimbus

    1. hello you!

      yep, that’s about all that’s left to do; they wouldn’t want to be accused of not doing their jobs after all…

  3. 15 cents

    its like as if some kids were in charge of the news for a school project .. and this is what they came up with. ‘weather woman says weather fights crime’ good collaboration of dulmbness from RTE and irelands secret red top, the independent

  4. gallantman

    Conor Pope our consumer affairs correspondent on how Dunnes Stores loyalty card helped catch killer.

  5. Spaghetti Hoop

    And in the Lifestyle section, “Supermarket Loyalty Key Fobs: Not Just for Discounts”

  6. Joe835

    The withering line at the end, that she “reads the weather”, says it all; this isn’t the work of a meteorologist.

    Nor (“My birthday falls the next day….”, for example) is it the work of a journalist.

  7. Terry Crone

    Don’t miss, in your soaraway Sindo:

    – E. Harris: ‘What Plato & Aristotle tells us about BDSM’
    – J.Cusack: ‘The chilling link between durty press coverage & durty Mary Lou diesel-infused cigarettes’
    – Police-supporting Ex-RNU leader: ‘Adams orchestrates all BDSM, everywhere’
    – Regina Mockery ‘Why haven’t SF broken their cult-silence on this case?’

  8. Stumpy

    Had never heard of Nuala Carey, so just did a Wikipedia search. “Known for: Her manhunts,weather presentation, handling the balls on the Lotto.” Brilliant :-).

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