Are You In Marketing?



Isn’t it well for ye.

Peter Connor writes:

I just wanted to let any of the Broadsheet community know that Casey Armstrong, well known in the US for building growth in companies and Patrick Vlaskovits (NYT Bestseller) are doing a talk in Dublin at the NDRC on June 8 at the  NDRC, Digital Exchange, Crane Street, Dublin 8 on Growth. It’s rare we get talks on marketing from the US that isn’t about selling bog wood art to the diaspora so I thought it might interest people…


Growth Hacking And Stack Marketing Workshops

Growth hacking?

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5 thoughts on “Are You In Marketing?

  1. Cousin Benson

    The NDRC is a €5m a year boondoggle for failed “entrepreneurs” spouting shopworn wisdom they gleaned from a thread on Hacker News. Of the €5m budget, about €250k gets spent on the yearly intake of “startups”. A cursory glance at the carpark round the back should tell you where the bulk of the other €4.75m goes.

    1. Anon

      Well put… and why is taxpayers’ money going in to what is essentially a free filter for investors? NDRC’s only metric of success seems to be whether a “startup” gets investment.

  2. Starina

    i work in marketing and i don’t know what growth hacking or stack marketing are. they sound like ponzi schemes to me.

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