Something To Dabbledoo On Sunday



You may recall DabbledooMusic and their Fundit  to share a new Irish-made method of teaching music to primary school kids.


Shane McKenna writes:

On Easter Sunday in the Twisted Pepper some of Ireland’s most exciting bands and electronic artist are getting together for a gig to launch the DabbledooMusic website [link below]. The aim of DabbledooMusic is to make music more accessible, engaging and relevant and the support of Ireland’s best new musical talent is essential, and they are all on display for the Easter gig….

DabbledooMusic Website Launch Party

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14 thoughts on “Something To Dabbledoo On Sunday

  1. Mani

    Has this gig been organised as an elaborate honey trap to get the lads out of the squat in Grangegorman?

      1. Mani

        Dead on. Selfelssness is for suckers.

        Think of yourselves first, kids. Then you could be like me one day. Commenting anonymously online, responding to douchnozzles like this.

        Living. The. Life.

          1. Mani

            I don’t think he’s ever far away….
            By which I mean he posts under another name. Regularly.

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