Please Call Me, Shirley


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Last month Riyadh Khalaf posted a video of his mother reading his Grindr messages – which notched up almost 2million views and prompted what appears to be a comment from Shirley Phelps, of the Westboro Baptist Church.

The comment said: “This is what happens when the fag enablers turn the country to the fags. These people are going to hell.”

So, Riyadh called Shirley to respond.

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32 thoughts on “Please Call Me, Shirley

  1. Jonotti

    This is not going to win the referendum. We don’t need more hipster pranks. We need solid work on the ground. This referendum is ours to lose.

    1. Joe cool

      My thoughts exactly. This is very irritating. I find that this may annoy a lot of undecided voters.

      1. Nigel

        Who the hell is going to come running to the defence of the Westboro Baptist Freakin’ Church? ‘Oh, so you’re being irritating to the Westboro baptist Freakin’ Church? Well, that’s the last straw, gay people and company, you have gone too far!’ Sheesh.

    2. ahyeah

      Hey GAYS – better be on you best behaviour from now until May. Don’t irritate us too much – if you do, we won’t let you have equal rights. Got it!?!?

      1. Jonotti

        This guy is just a navel-gazer. If he did something brave against homophobia I’d praise him, but he’s just acting like a 5 year old who wants attention.

        1. Nigel

          He’s letting himself down, he’s letting the marriage referendum down, but most importantly, he’s letting Jonotti down.

    1. James

      the outcome of your vote, which affects the equality of human beings, is going to be decided by a youtube video?

  2. Ciarán

    Thats was pretty unfunny, especially the voicemail message he left.

    But it seems a strange logic by some commentators to link this with the Marriage Equality referendum, since it had nothing directly to do with it. It seems to imply that the video guy, by being gay and by making a post about another related gay issue (homophobia, WBC) is put in the position of being representative of all gays and all gay issues (most pertinently the Referendum).

    Its like the regular position taken by many: that all black people need to take responsibility if a black person commits a bad crime, or all Muslims need to answer when some nut-jobs do something in the name of Islam.

    1. ahyeah


      And it’s a homophobic viewpoint in itself – akin to saying: “Look, we’re half-thinking about treating you as equals, but don’t p1ss us off while we’re thinking about it”

  3. Rob

    I don’t know this guy but where did he get his name? Riyadh Khalaf isn’t the most Dublin of names ( he sounds like he is a Dub).

      1. Uncle P

        DeValera’s father was a local cleric. The yarn about his father being a Spanish sailor was made up to hide his illegitimacy.

    1. Kieran NYC

      Saudi dad, Dublin mum. He was on the ‘Growing Up Gay’ doc on RTE a few years ago.

      He’s a nice guy.

  4. Carolus Dran

    Irritating boy. The video with his mother was execrable and about as entertaining as an episode of Exposé. An amusing commentary on the banality and risibility of Grindr exchanges is ripe for the making. The mortifying video with his mother was not it.

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