Keep Camden Carry On



Portobello, Camden Street, Aungier Street.

The triangle of doom.

Melanie O’Connor writes:

Camden Chaos is an observational documentary featuring the liveliest, most socially-mixed area of Dublin – the Portobello/Camden Mile stretching from Aungiers St. to Rathmines Bridge. The programme captures the personalities and tensions bubbling away in a Dublin neighbourhood that has changed from a homely strip of butchers and street traders to Dublin’s go-to ‘partyville’ over the past 20 years.
With a relic of St. Valentine’s heart famously mouldering in the local church, for the area’s nightclubs, bars, restaurants, flower sellers, jewellers and sex shop, Valentine’s Day is ‘Camden Christmas’, a day that encapsulates what the area is all about – the pursuit of love, or, failing that, a beer-goggled facsimile.
The newly-opened STD clinic Himerus, off Camden St, is gearing-up for its first Valentine’s Day. Meanwhile the bouncers at Flannery’s pride themselves on their doorfront comedy shtick. But can comedy control a thousand-strong queue of drunken revellers?
Elsewhere the over 35’s are looking for love at Portobello’s 80’s throwback discotheque Rain; the up-all-nighters are keeping it lit at The Karma Stone’s all-day house party; the South American community are re-enacting The Rio Carnival at D2 Nightclub; The Bernard Shaw is having Ireland’s first Tinder Party; the late Amy Winehouse’s cousin David Sye is hosting a Tequila Yoga night at The Yoga Hub and the area’s biggest charity shop is having an ‘Abigail’s Party’ themed Vintage night to attract a hipper clientele.
Add in Shay the Burger Van Man and his ‘Secret Sauce’; Gerry the café owner who brought the all-day breakfast to Ireland and builds his lunch menu around six types of mince and Syrian restaurateur Ghandi who hates the area’s takeaway culture; and we have a colourful ride through a neighbourhood that’s become at once the hippest and most demonised district in Dublin….


Camden Chaos: Reality Bites on RTÉ2, Wednesday, April 8.

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36 thoughts on “Keep Camden Carry On

  1. Miami Dolhin's Barn

    “the bouncers at Flannery’s pride themselves on their doorfront comedy shtick”

    I’d say they’re hilarious.

    1. rotide

      There was a much better one last week which made me want to actually watch the programme. This one seems to be just a clip from it rather than a trailer.

  2. Fedayn

    It’s just a street of retail and hospitality, not a neighbourhood. Pleasant enough in the daytime. Gunn’s camera shop is a jewel.

  3. ZeligIsJaded


    That bouncer does everything. ‘Here. Inside. The money – anything like. Johnny will you do the smoking door?’

    You can’t write that sh1t!

  4. Del McG

    Coming Soon… Reality Bites films a week in the crazy, wacky, what-will-they-say-next life of the lads & ladies working the front desk at Montrose

  5. Dublinentendre

    I suppose the strategy in RTE is they can always make a few quid dubbing it with English actors and sell it as Essex Agro or Manchester Mayhem….

  6. Mr. T.

    The place is full of stupid pissed arseh*les from midnight most nights of the week. And Flannery’s is a dump, full of cops and local crims.

  7. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

    If there isn’t footage of someone mashed off their face on K in The Karma Stone then RTÉ will have really dropped the ball.

  8. JimmytheHead

    The Palace is a filthy kip, they prob wont go inside because of the horrible scenes of blind drunk 18 year olds being fleeced 12 euro for a vodka and red bull, vomiting all over themselves as the bouncer tosses them out like spoiled cabbage.

    But then Against the Grain on the other side of the road is a fine establishment and has a phenomenal beer selection.

    1. Mick Flavin

      In my day all drinks in the Palace were €2 and you could vomit where you wanted without fear of being thrown out…The good old days.

    2. rotide

      Against the grain is fcukin shite, horrible decor and craft only which annoys the living crap out of me.

      More pubs should be like McSorelys in ranelagh. Normal beer AND craft beer, caters for people with proper taste and the dreadful hipsters.

  9. FK

    Camden Street has really gone downhill in the last few years. Typical of RTE to catch on years later. The only remarkable thing there now is the taxi jams. And Flannery’s has a thousand-strong queue? No way is it’s capacity more than 500 at a push.

  10. JT

    A slice of Liverpool in a flaccid bun, with an extra topping of shamrocks, all served up by our national broadcasters .They may as well hang out in a Dublin – bound, Ryanair departure lounge.

  11. D2dweller

    Honestly that’s the most interesting thing they could pick for a trailer on Camden st on a Friday night? RTE really is muck

  12. Mik

    The old pool hall upstairs at the Palace was decent. Some good tunes and sexy barmaids. Plus pool is good even though I am useless at it.
    Now I wouldn’t be caught dead near the kip.
    Whelans if there’s a gig on. That’s it!

  13. Quint

    Utter poohole of an area. The only reason I’m familiar with filthy Camden Street was because I had the misfortune to pass through it to go to Whelans. Depressing kip, like much of Dublin.

  14. Inopro

    Observe’re paying for this muck, th Angelus, for support for water charges off rte- who says they dont got the publics back!

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