11 thoughts on “Stogie Time

  1. The Old Boy

    Most cigar smokers I know wouldn’t smoke them beyond the two-thirds mark or so. It adds to the extravagance, I suppose. It’s also quite unpleasant if the end gets soggy.

  2. Spaghetti Hoop

    They say everything sounds better with a cigar in your mouth.
    (Though personally I wouldn’t over-rely on props for gravitas.)

  3. Franno

    I do enjoy a cigar on a semi-regular basis (3-4 a month perhaps) and the extent that you smoke it is all down to the quality and condition of the cigar. Some dry and poorly maintained cigars need to be abandoned half way through, others can be smoked almost to the nub if you don’t mind the heat and messiness. Just above the band is pretty good rule of thumb though. Never had the coughing fits in general, bar the odd accidental full inhalation. Think it’s more a problem for regular cigarette smokers who can’t help inhaling into the lungs.

  4. Garthicus

    Cigars are something that I always think that I like but in reality they make me feel sick. I never remember until I’m a couple of mins in to smoking one.

  5. TheMightyOne

    I’m going to Cuba this summer and plan to smoke lots of cohibas whilst holding a mojito

    1. Bingo

      Hell yeah! But the reality is that an auld wan is doing the job, not a hot babe like this. Jaysus, love the Latino babes!

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