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  1. ABM

    A gay porn star?! LOL! I wonder is it a quango? Next time I see one of these Big Brother smoke alarm/water shortage/road safety “ads” (one wonders what they’re selling) do I also need to worry that the dude is a gay porn talent?

    Will the Irish Times cover it? Or will they just play along and protect their paymaster in the run up to the garriage referendum?

  2. Soundings

    So, only the Mail on Sunday was willing to shell out the price of last minute plane ticket to England to harass accompany the wife killer Lillis?

    And is it really news that a man who was convicted of killing his wife has been released on plan from prison, having served his time? Surely the news value of that story was exhausted after the original trial and the litigation about the estate.

    Separately, interesting to see the way the media wind is blowing in the UK ahead of their general election in a month. The Torygraph (and the British edition of Murdoch’s Times) leads with the Tories giveaway on inheritance tax which should seal the grey vote as long as the Alzheimers brigade remember to vote. The other papers lead with Labour’s plans to crack down on tax avoiders.

    1. munkifisht

      The issue isn’t that he served his time, it’s that he profited from the murder to the tune of €1.5mil. By rights that money should have gone to his daughter Georgia.

      1. Soundings

        No murder there Munkfisht, manslaughter.

        Yes, clearly a change is needed to the law when morally we all seem to accept you can’t profit from killing someone. The existing law allows (is it?) “tenants in common” to own property jointly and when one dies, the other automatically gets the other person’s share, without the matter being dealt with by probate and wills and suchlike. I think most people would support a change to that law which prevents there being an automatic right to ownership, and that if the other person was responsible for the unlawful killing, they shouldn’t profit. But all of that was dealt with years ago, it’s not news.

        But regardless of his wrongdoing, he was a wealthy man. Don;t we have in this country the equivalent of US laws which allowed the parents of Nicole Browne to successfully sue OJ Simpson for millions?

        Gutter journalism though to follow him into the shops at Dublin airport to report on every item he picked up. And as for splashing the cash, he bought three cosmetic items. Value? Doesn’t say. Probably less than €100 though. Hardly “splashing” €1.3m as suggested by the self-proclaimed “people’s paper”

      2. Spaghetti Hoop


        Plus he receives his share of the estate only, not his late wife’s as she died by his hand. So he’s not exactly ‘profiting’ but retaining his assets.
        What is more shocking is the short sentence he served for the fatal assault. I’m not convinced somebody who did this to their spouse should be out walking the streets after 5-6 years.

  3. Del77

    Christ, could you imagine just have vomit-inducing that Barry Egan article about David Beckham must be?

  4. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    The Seanad – make it a democratically elected house, that will be a big improvement on the current model.

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