Winning It Large


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Manchester’s insanely hip sea-themed night spot the HoldFast bar.

Manc heart.

Irish design.

Troy , of Harcourt Architects, writes:

We are a small Architectural practice on Harcourt Terrace [Dublin 2]. and just discovered that our latest project, a nautical adventurers themed bar in Manchester called Holdfast, just got voted No.1 bar in the city! Given the economic climate over the past few years it hasn’t been easy and this couldn’t come at a better time…

Also: Glum Joy Division fan is glum (pic 4).

Harcourt Architects

Hold Fast Bar (Facebook)

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14 thoughts on “Winning It Large

    1. everybody

      In fairness they were hired cause they were cheap, not cause the Irish are special magical creatures….

    1. Emah

      Its a typo, I think they meant “man otters” – here be things that like to eat man wood…

      Also, hold fast for nautical themed bar, i get it!

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