7 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. dino

    I would never have seen that Irish Times front page photocall reminding people to register to vote if there was no complaints about it. Streisand effect!

    1. Kieran NYC

      Keith Mills says it’s sinister. Got ya told!

      If he loathes himself, he definitely knows how to loathe you.

  2. Kieran NYC

    Good to know there’s someone out there judging what’s vile and what’s not.

    Catholic Church howareya.

  3. Tá Frilly Keane

    ‘Not sure I appreciate the most recent disaster at sea, the worst in my lifetime, being treated as “EU facing immigration Crisis”

    Jesus Christ t’night lads. Am I alone in being shook by it?
    700 humans looking for a chance, just a chance, that’s all.
    Took a chance,
    And lost in the worst possible way
    And it gets recorded as an Immigration Crisis

    I just don’t know anymore
    As a species
    Are we really that depraved to witness 700 of our own
    hand over the guts of two years wages
    To get herded onto a ship
    And have it recognised as an immigration crisis

    WTF. Where’s the outcry
    The disgust
    The rage

    Or even, which is where I am now as I tap this out,
    The despair over our shoulder shrugging style of humanity.

    And t’have t’listen to Peter Sutherland……

    1. Soundings

      + 1 (just imagine if the Karen Buckley murder was dominated by debate over the poor quality of medical education at Irish universities)

      +65 (refugees accepted by Ireland in 2012 compared with 3,745 accepted by Sweden and 8,765 accepted by Germany)

      +1,517 (the number killed on the Titanic, somehow I don’t think Celine Dion is going to be singing about those poor souls lost in the Mediterranean)

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