15 thoughts on “Crap Advisors

    1. Hank

      Wait til Dublin unveils ‘Bono Redentor’.
      You’ll understand when you see it in all it’s grandiose glory overlooking the city skyline and singing about mountains, maybe..

    2. InGen

      Agreed. It’s singularly underwhelming. Better heading to the one in (I believe) Bolivia instead

  1. Anomanomanom

    I love New York but most of the so called “attractions” are crap. The statute of liberty and ground zero are so bad for visitors. No toilet at ground zero. I actually had to help an old man over to security because he literally could not hold his pee. He was brought out to a toilet and could not come back in. Unless he paid, booked his time waited. .. again.

    1. realPolithicks

      I’m not sure what you are talking about, I was there last year and there are plenty of toilets in the museum.

      1. Eliot Rosewater

        Maybe the old guy was just really bad at holding his pee? I’m pretty bad at this myself, but was grand when I was there last year. Needed two stops (once in the museum, once in a restaurant right beside Ground Zero (and I didn’t have to pay to use their facilities).

      2. Anomanomanom

        I was there the year it opened, actually I was there the month it opened. There was no toilets. If they’ve changed that, then I take back what I said because that was the only bad part.

  2. Paolo

    In fairness, unless you like the sight of feral cats fighting and humping, the colosseum is rubbish. There are hundreds/thousands of better attractions in Rome.

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