21 thoughts on “Hard Staring

    1. Ultach

      Rattle out a few more there, Spaghetti. I not sure whether I prefer Richard Harris or the local schoolmaster in the parish players’ amateur production.

  1. Truth in the News

    He has a tighter grip of Lady Lavery than Micheal Collins ever had.
    We’d to start printing those notes again, or we will lose 3 of the 4 green fields.
    again, never mind JB’s mythical one.

  2. Fluter Bad

    The biggest crime in Irish theatre. An Aosdana (playwright) member takes a leading acting role that would have salvaged the year of some struggling actor who put their life into acting. A kick in the teeth to the profession.

    1. ESV

      I think that’s a bit unfair, though I take the point about someone less well-known needing the work more. But he is a really fine actor and he’ll be brilliant in this.

  3. Fiach

    I’m with you, Fluter.
    He’s there cause he’s flavour of the month and he does a good Richard Harris look.

    I played Leamy when I was about 11. My mother played…….. my mother.
    Carlow Little Theatre 1973 or so.

    1. All the good ones fly south for winter

      My mother played ping pong against the North Koreans at home in ’79, won and disappeared. She’s still in the jungle fighting the war on her own terms and winning. We’ve come to regret letting her watch Apocalypse Now.

      1. Mani


        Your mother ran off with your next door neighbour, Mr Kant (the piano teacher). Your father did the best he could under the circumstances but he really shouldn’t have concocted this ping pong fantasy you still cling to. For God’s sake she only ran off to Cork. She’s been sending you letters regularly but your father’s too bitter to let you see them. You’ve seen her TWICE! TWICE! while in Cork at the Fheis Ceoil

        Grow up will you.

  4. Davos

    This is a commercial venture. The cold commercial reality is Showbusiness is10% show and 90% business. That said, you can only judge objectively when you go to see the production.

  5. sycamoreal

    In it, the Ronnie Drew-lookalike canary – whose stage name is Tommy McAnairey – performs two of his “most celebrated songs”, Any Fuel Can Harm and The Ballad Of Uncle Pat (Stone Dead In Three Minutes Flat).

  6. delta V

    Wow, that photo’s a bit too much Fr. Brendan Smyth…sinister, unrepentant, none of the evil though.

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