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      1. Neil

        Yes. She. Her full name is there to anyone who wishes to navigate to the Heatons FB page… heres the link if you are unable to search yourself https://www.facebook.com/heatonsstores. It takes a certain type of person to make a big deal out of nothing. Wether that be you, trying to imply sexism, or the lady who tries to claim that a safety boxcutter could cut her hand off.

  1. ReproBertie

    So someone in Heaton’s made a mistake and she brought it to their attention and they apologised and offered her 20% off her next purchase but she wants something free and she wants it now because nobody was hurt but, sweet mother of the baby sky fairy, somebody could have been!

  2. Clampers Outside!



    Jesus fupping christ she has very small hands to be fitting into the gap for the blade on that thing, the crank !

    No exclamation mark on the original as hashtags don’t recognise them, or SHOUTING !

    Side Note:
    Correct spelling will not be necessary in the future, starting from about 2021.

    Other Note:
    Maybe the blade was a free gift.

    Post it Note:
    Buy a Heaton’s box cutter.

  3. DPMullen

    It’s a safety blade for cutting things like web straps and packing tape. He should use it to cut open a dictionary or a book about grammar.

  4. Soapy

    I deal with complaints everyday. People like this are only trying to get something for free. Only an idiot would manage to cut themselves on a safety knife.

  5. Murtles

    I’d say if there was any hint of a wet floor in Heatons, yer wan would be on it like white on rice in order to get a few pound out of them. Methinks this is not her first folly into the compensation seeking area.

  6. Kieran NYC


    Jesus wept.

    It’s actually a hard thing to not automatically press the spacebar after a word. It’s like a reflex.

  7. jeremy kyle

    Maybe they did cut off their fingers though because it looks like they typed that by mashing there face into the keyboard.

  8. everybody

    My 3 Year like to Help me open my online orders…….. Won’t somebody please think of the Children!!!

    Her 3 year could have diededed…..

  9. BenTen

    Those things are safety box openers, they’re also really handy, I was expecting a razor blade to be lodged in the cardboard or something.

  10. Paolo

    Sadly, everyone else has to endure increased insurance, higher prices and restrictions to nearly every aspect of life through over-reaching health and fupping safety regulations because numptys like this infect our society.

  11. ahjayzis

    Aw stop hun, dats awful hun, hope ur okay hun, shud sue de bsturd hun, u need a ny out wit d girlos nw hun lmao xxxxxxx wb hun xxx

  12. youkilledmyfatherpreparetodie

    I once bought a sandwich from the Subway in Newbridge. At home, I unwrapped it to discover a big kitchen knife wrapped up with it. Says me, “Ooh, free knife!” and into the kitchen drawer it went without nary a whisper of a lawsuit or illegible facebook rant. Am I too late to do so now?

  13. Continuity Jay-Z

    Someone should offer some prayers to St. Vivian, the patron sant of the insane and the epilepitic.

  14. LiamZero

    Jaysus, I hope #HEATONS don’t cave on this one. Yer wan keeps claiming on the Facebook page that she doesn’t want anything except better customer service, but they’ve already apologised and offered a future discount and she’s still not happy. So what else exactly can they do? Oh yeah, that’s right, offer her free stuff. But she doesn’t want free stuff, just to be treated better by customer service. But they’ve already apologised and offered a discount. So what else can they… etc etc

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