Your Band In Colour



Would you like to see/hear your music on the RTÉ 2XM playlist?

2XM sez:

I know you don’t normally do this but some of your musically inclined readers might be interested to learn that we are seeking music submissions.
RTÉ In Colour (Monday 8pm, RTÉ 2XM) is looking for singers, songwriters and bands to feature on the show. If you want your track included on the playlist please email it in WAV or MP3 format to Include a brief bio and any info on upcoming singles, EPs, albums or gigs.

In Colour On RTE 2XM (Facebook)

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3 thoughts on “Your Band In Colour

  1. Janey Mc

    Radio can’t be in colour, it’s a non visual medium. What idiot decided to commission this show?????????????????

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