Meanwhile, In Limerick


Breaking News reports:

Almost 40 jobs in Limerick have been lost with the sudden closure of a Eurospar supermarket at Watch House Cross, Moyross.
Staff and customers were shocked when they arrived at the shop this morning to closed shutters and a notice informing them the premises had “ceased trading with immediate effect”.

Eurospar staff shocked as they discover store shut down when they arrive for work (Breaking News)

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8 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Limerick

    1. Delacaravanio

      One with a post office, security guards, an off licence and full service deli and butcher counters would employ around that number, particularly if there’s part time staff needed for evenings and weekends due to late openings.

      Eurospars can be quite big.

  1. wearnicehats

    It’s not really surprising that sudden closures like this happen given the new trend of workers barricading themselves in to premises. It’s bad enough losing your business without having to deal with squatters

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