22 thoughts on “The OTT Crowd

    1. Odis

      The milk could have been part of a binary explosive – in fairness
      Don’t some people NCIS at all?

  1. Drogg

    About two years ago while coming back from spain security wouldn’t let me carry my son through the metal detectors and we had to try and make someone who had only started walking 2 weeks before hand walk through by themselves. Lets just say all the people behind us in the queue who where delayed by this, absolutely loved us once they got through.

          1. Parky Mark

            That’s why he couldn’t walk properly. They were just trying to chill him out for the plane.

  2. Paolo

    When is that stupid, unnecessary, expensive policy on liquids going to be dumped?

    Containers can be no bigger than 100ml but you can bring as many as you like on board so long as they will fit in your carry-on. Brilliant!

    The only reason for this policy is to cause fear in the travelling population to justify massive security spending.

    1. Lorna

      Actually you can only bring 10 & they all have to fit into a plastic bag that holds no more than 1L, however most securties dont actually enforce this (prob cause they know its a loada rubbish).

      I doubt they’ll ever scrap it though. The shops make far too much money for selling all the minis. But its such a faff, there are several explosive solids that can be used if you really want to cause destruction.

      1. munkifisht

        They were going to scrap it, and Dublin was to be one of the first airports in Europe to do it, but the scanners never seemed to appear and I don’t know what’s happened now.

  3. John

    Australian domestic flights don’t have that liquid rule. Must be something to do with the way their toilets flush…

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