31 thoughts on “Why Not Go Bald?

    1. M

      I took Roaccutane when I was younger. Didn’t have any side effects. Best thing I’ve ever decided to do.

      1. AhHereLeaveItOut

        You’re a lucky man/woman, good for you. I can’t say the same unfortunately, nor can a couple of other people I know. The abundant forums online suggest we are far from alone either, and yet big pharm seems exceedingly good at keeping it on the market and minimising bad press

        1. The Old Boy

          What were the usual side effects, out of curiosity? The data sheets seem rather vague, in that it can cause nearly any sort of side effect in varying proportions of those who take it.

          1. chequenrays

            I took it in my late teens for acne, for about 6 months I think. I remember at the time the stated “risks” were depression and suicidal tendencies. I never got anything more than dry lips from it. Like M, I was delighted with it. My back and neck were really bad, cleared up completely never to return.

          2. AhHereLeaveItOut

            I was severely depressed, to the point of writing a ‘goodbye’ note. Thankfully, I had the self-awareness to realise something was wrong and asked for help. At the time, I also read online of many stories relating to suicide, dropping out of university, depression etc. Obviously one could argue for other causes, including the acne itself, but from speaking from my own experience I would tend towards the ‘theres no smoke without fire’ philosophy in this case

    1. Don Pidgeoni

      Also, the FDA often don’t get given all the data from trials, just the stuff that makes the drug look good. Not sure if they have changed that yet or not.

  1. Drogg

    EH why can’t people just go bald with a bit of dignity? first sign of any loss and i would just shave my head and be done with it.

    1. rotide

      EH why can’t people just go lose their teeth with a bit of dignity? first sign of any tooth decay and i would just smash my teeth out with a hammer and be done with it

      1. Drogg

        You could have them removed by a dentist and replaced with implants very simple but costly, no need for hammer.

  2. Leaning to the centre

    Point 5 – Shrinkage of penis and testicles
    People suffer that to stop going bald ? Get your priorities right

  3. Ehhh, No

    I take it and never have a problem. Know another friend too and does not have the issue, none of that. Yes some people have side affects just like any other drug, that’s why it has been tested and if you look at the actual findings those having side affects are very low. It’s fully tested and approved. Just because a low percentage have 1 or 2 of the side affects (rarely all) does not mean drugs don’t get passed.

    Yeah, you could shave your head, but not everyone looks good with a shaved head.

  4. The Old Boy

    I woke up in a cold sweat this morning having dreamt that my hair was thinning rather badly. It was quite traumatic, I must say. I can certainly understand why people would go to great lengths to keep their hair.

    1. Zarathustra

      I’m not sure, Old Boy, some of the sexiest and most attractive men I’ve met have been bald, and I think most men can probably get away with it, particularly as they get older; remember, how you see yourself is not necessarily how others see you.

  5. Henry

    Yeah i thought the same things like why not go bald? save your money! it’s going to happen anyway but in the end i decided to go for it with little to none expectations. I was already depressed and was taking antidepressants and still continue to do so. I never had much of a libido and wasn’t blessed down there anyway so if somehow it shrinks then it shrinks i will still get by. A couple of months in on it and so far i feel fine and haven’t experienced anything negative yet. I noticed more of a loss of libido when i started taking antidepressants, think i didn’t even watch any porn for a couple of weeks but business as usual now. I cleared it with more than one doctor before taking it and definitely not as depressed as i was and steadily improving. “8. Depression, despair and an increased risk of suicide.” maybe but i know from experience i was more at risk by not seeking help with depression and if you are ever feeling depression despair or have ANY suicidal thought’s what so ever tell someone you care about and talk to your GP.

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