De Wednesday Papers



The final ‘broadsheet edition of the Westmeath Examiner (above) in 133 years. The title goes compact from next week.


MORE to folly.

Thanks (Colin McGann (The Clare People); Sheila Reilly (The Longford Leader); Tanya O’Neill (The Westmeath Examiner, Westmeath Independent, The Anglo-Celt and The Meath Chronicle); Séamus Kiernan (The Westmeath Topic); Neil Henderson (UK covers); Aran Brazil (The Irish Sun); Pamela McCarthy (The Irish Examiner); Meliosa Fitzgibbon (The Irish Daily Mail)

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9 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

  1. Zuppy International

    The Blueshirts have gone rogue, sacrificing everything for the bloated abortion that is Irish Water.

    1. Anomanomanom

      We should burn down everything associated with IW. I think we should start by burning the water. Hit them where it hurts. No product no supply means no bills. See it’d simple.

  2. Blueswannabe

    So the Water Charge is now a Water Tax… doesn’t that defeat the ‘keeping it off the gov books’ purpose, not a hope Eurostat will let them fiddle the figures now.

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