The Best Of The Worst Pulp Fiction


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A mere glimpse of the lurid fare on show at Pulp Covers – a collection of titillating, frequently misogynistic, occasionally hilarious, invariably lesbian-fixated book covers of the ‘adult read’ genre.

Go for the covers, stay for the taglines:

‘A Story That Cannot Be Discussed In Mixed Company’

‘Her pagan desires violated even the loose moral code of the marshlands!’

‘Love That Made a Panty-Waist Into a Man’

And many more.


11 thoughts on “The Best Of The Worst Pulp Fiction

  1. Paul

    I’d be unsure of the stability of a flesh ladder. Hard hats and PPE gear on, so to speak.

  2. Odis

    They replaced “flesh ladder” with “property ladder” in the Irish version.

    1. Mrtits

      You, Clampers.

      YOU are a panty waist.

      Maybe even the ‘Great Panty Waist’ of legend.

    1. Squiggleyjoop

      Deathblow- what happens when somebody wants to blow you up, not for who you are, but for other reasons altogether…

  3. More_Bemuda_Than_Berlin

    This stuff will be on the Primary School curriculum if ye votes YES, ye dirty liberal godless heathens ye!

  4. Truth in the News

    The place to locate titallating literature records is the National Library
    and purview the weekly publication of “Iriis Ofiguil” it contains a comprenshive
    list of Banned Books since 1933, since they were were listed, there should be located somewhere a copy of the Banned Book, where did the records of the
    Censorship of Publication Office end up……Dail PQ……?

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