They Are Among Us


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This afternoon

Reality stars Rylan Clark and Hazel O Sullivan at the launch of Big Brother 2015 on TV3 and 3e.

Sez TV3:

TV3 Group will be the home of Big Brother this summer broadcasting over 200 hours of Big Brother across TV3, 3e and 3Player. The launch show kicks off on Tuesday May 12 at 9pm on 3e with a simulcast on TV3.

House fight!

(Sasko Lazarov/Photocall Ireland)

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21 thoughts on “They Are Among Us

    1. jeremy kyle

      Just when you think they’ve cured a disease it comes back even stronger.

  1. Starina

    this is the first time i’ve seen either of those people but WOW he has totally got Plastic Surgery Face

  2. I.P.Freely

    TV3 should have its broadcast licence rescinded. The old test card pattern would be more entertaining than this.

  3. Silent But Deadly

    Years ago people like that did bad at school and did the jobs they deserved, menial, physical, simple. And their ill-informed opinions were ignored and their shouty voices were not broadcast for the world to endure.

  4. Don Pidgeoni

    If you scroll quickly up and down on the second pic, its like he is dancing. Dance Rylan, dance!!

  5. Martin

    So they Simulcast on both of their stations…. ?
    Great idea lads! it was bad having it on one but now on both….

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