34 thoughts on “Roomy

  1. TheMightyOne

    I meant to share that here, are they having a giraffe!?
    I’d commit any of my mates who’d rent that…

  2. Atticus

    Yeah it’d be grand for €500 a month, but a total p1sstake for €1200.

    It’s got the lowest Bulding Energy Rating (BER) possible too.

    1. missred

      But Atticus, don’t ya know it has all your heating, rubbish and designated parking included?!

  3. My name is Geoff

    The breakfast bar experience alone is worth €1,200. Now shut up had take my money

  4. Owen

    This is offensive. Is there actually a market for this? What couple would rent this for 1200 rather then go out of town further, or just house share in the same location.

    1. Sinabhfuil

      When I bought an artisan’s cottage the Corporation wouldn’t lend me the money until I built a lobby dividing the bathroom from the kitchen to comply with health rules. Have the rules changed?

    1. spud1

      Do you need to store the duvey / sheets and pillows somewhere else when the bed is in the ‘up’ mode??
      Fupp all storage room in this place… for €1200???!

      With all heating costs included, might be useful for someone setting up a grow house…

        1. Joe the Lion

          Has Harbo written a book about how much sh*t you’d get done in that gaff yet?

  5. Custo

    “And if you turn your head 90 degrees to the right and look up slightly, you can watch TV while you relax! or simply look straight ahead at your toilet!”

    1. Owen

      Whats the bank / morgage add on TV at the moment where the bed folds out of the cooker and there is a wall behind the window? This is that house.

  6. the good helen

    its finished very well, but it would be like living in a hotel room for 1200 a month. Good lord, I didn’t think it would be aloud either to have the toilet right beside the kitchen. Imagine, oh hunny dinner smells like, oh sorry hun, that was me in the toilet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. the good helen

        oh oh someone didn’t eat their breaky this morning…. maybe it was cos you couldn’t fit the spoon in your big fat opinionated gob with trying to chew that dictionary!!

        ahem… move on, nothing to see here.

        1. the good helen

          sorry, i meant to type “yes sorry i spelt it wrong” but predict text put that in instead of it… who knew eh!!

        2. Owen

          ahaha…Mr.T just got is a** handed to him and its not even lunch yet. Back to bed mate, lets start this one over.

    1. Corvo

      There’s supposed to be a door between the door of the bathroom and the kitchen. It’s in Part G of the building regulations, but if the layout was like raft before the regulations were brought in then they don’t have to change it.

  7. Mr. T.

    This place is perfect for someone who really lives out of town somewhere and has to work in Dublin most days of the week. But you couldn’t justify that rent.

    1. the good helen

      yep to the left of the toilet… if you go into the link you can see more.


    What world do these mad money grabbing scum live in? Look at the size of it! The kitchen, the hassle with the bed, the poxy little breakfast bar, the little laptop screen posing as a TV. 1100 max.

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