Pictures Of Trinity



A photograph taken at Trinity College Dublin in 1955 by Norman McGrath

Trinity College Dublin writes:

“What’s your iconic Trinity image? – the playing fields, the Science Gallery, the Long Room, research under the lens, mayhem at the Ball? Calling all staff, students and alumni: the Provost is looking for images of Trinity for a stylish new coffee table book, Trinity Contemporary, that will showcase our university to the world. Images selected for publication will be fully credited and will reference the photographer’s reasons for taking the shot. The focus is on Trinity today, but staff and alumni are also invited to send in images from previous decades, to showcase continuity and heritage.”

Think of Trinity and what do you see (TCD)

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9 thoughts on “Pictures Of Trinity

  1. Jonotti

    The Provost should be doing other things than a bloody coffee book. TCD is in bits, slipping down every ranking poll since he took over.

    1. Supercrazyprices

      I suppose you prefer those business only focussed camps sponsored by a magnate with his name over the entrance.

      Money money money…. and no culture.

      1. Jonotti

        My point is that the provost got elected by promising TCD would move up the ranks. I couldn’t care less about rankings. Meanwhile, the provost is starving of funds those faculties that are doing well (the arts) and rewarding those who are doing badly (business, economics, etc). It’s part of the neoliberal plan of shoving real learning out of the colleges in favour of privatizing learning.

  2. AdvertisingOnPoliceCars

    Typical Irish uperosity, not one Irish 3rd level institure is world class, yet people strut about thinking Trinners/UCD etc actually matter beyond the Banana Republic.

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