Good Afternoon Vienna



This afternoon.

Eurovision 2015 rehearsals in Austria.

Eurovision Punter writes:

Molly Sterling [Irish entry] has just performed her first rehearsal [of her song Playing With Numbers] at Eurovision. Reaction from media is her vocals and the staging were excellent. Molly just needs to engage the camera a bit more. Despite being odds against I think this has a great chance of getting through. The jurors may vote it in their top 5 and it stands out. Poorly drawn in slot 2 though….


Fluffybiscuits writes:

Few odds the gang might like to throw a flutter on…
Israel to finish in the top ten in final (found odds of 6/1)
Macedonia to qualify from semis (1.7/1)
Montonegro to qualify (1.8/1)
All with Betfair
Odds on who might win:
Favourites to win are Sweden and Italy
Best odds are from Ladbrokes 2/1 for Sweden and Betfair Italy 3/1

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18 thoughts on “Good Afternoon Vienna

    1. technid

      Watch the Netherlands backstage video. Makes Poland look like they were Nuns in their Habit…

  1. Christopher

    It is not a good song but its a pretty crap year in general (yes I’m a eurovision fan and have the 2015 album to prove it!) so I guess it has a small chance of getting into the final.

    1. Supercrazyprices

      You have a Eurovision album. You have a… Euro….Vision…. album.


    1. Eurovision Punter

      The camera angles here won’t be the angles on the night. The people in the media centre saw the real angles and apparently they worked really well.

      Personally I like the song. The draw is a pain but after Lithuania (cheese) and before San Marino (just dreadful) it may well stand out. We’ll finish between 8th and 12th in the semi and I think it will be closer to 8th.

      1. fluffybiscuits

        Thank feck for that!

        Are you over with Eurovision Ireland and the gang?

        I like Lithuania, the San Marino song is the equivelant of having Herpes, just horrible…

        1. Eurovision Punter

          No, no. I’m just a punter. I do a bit of tipping for a newspaper too alright.
          Norway is my favourite this year and have a funny feeling Russia will do very very well.

          1. fluffybiscuits

            Cool :) Norway is a firm favourite. Russia will be hit by the politics of it all. I think the dark horses are Australia dn Slovenia this year . In one fan poll Slovenia and Norway are tops. Gonna be a good year for the bookies, its the most wide open competition since 2011

          2. technid

            Keep a watch on the Czech Republic I’d say. Reactions in the press room were better than Ireland (Molly got a round of applause after every run through, few others did), and from what little I’ve seen of the staging, it’s going to quite good.

    2. dino

      Phew for a minute there I thought you linking to Keith Mills group, and I’d want nothing to do with him or his mates. Norway’s rehearsal was quite dull, no?

      1. Eurovision Punter

        Yeah, terrible rehearsal (vocals were fine). But there was rumours of spectacular costumes so if that comes in on second rehearsals and they get some pyro going then the 45/1 available now could be very big. If they don’t they have no chance.

  2. wonder boy in monster land

    … It means nothing to me. This means nothing to me. Oh, my comment.

    Molly always sounds a bit drunk when she’s singing; an eyeeee, an eyeeee, played with me numbers. Burp. Anyway, hopefully she makes the final and does well. <- If you look closely, John Moynes is dancing around her. What a performance.

    1. Eurovision Punter

      Ha. That gave me a belly laugh. If Molly qualifies and finishes top 15 it would be a good result.

      Don’t be reminding me of that Moldova song. I had a small fortune on top 10 at 10/1. Finished 11th and only relegated out of the top 10 on the last vote. Woe was me. That whole year was a disaster punting wise. I was on Greece top 5 at 10/1 (6th) and Norway to win (4th).

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