Hearts And Minds



Battle weary?

Adam Shanley, Director of Gay Switchboard, writes:

The next number of days are likely to be some of the most difficult times for LGBT people as we listen to public debate on our lives and relationships.

In our 41 year history, the Gay Switchboard has been there for the community through many difficult times. In the run up to the Marriage Equality referendum we want members of the LGBT community, including their friends and family to know that we are there to talk if they are finding things difficult.”

Gay Switchboard Ireland will extend its hours on Monday 18th May – Friday 22nd May with the helpline open from 5pm – 10pm on 01 8721055.

The helpline will also be open on Saturday 23rd May from 2 – 6pm and again on Sunday 24th from 4 – 6pm. Depending on the outcome of the referendum, we will endeavour to keep these hours until May 29.

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18 thoughts on “Hearts And Minds

  1. Don Pidgeoni

    I was wondering about how LGBTQ people were finding this whole situation. Glad there are networks out there to help them through.

  2. Just sayin'

    I hope they can be there for that guy who apparently cried when he saw the No posters. Tough times.

  3. Chris

    It feels like a daily assault on who I am, constant attacks on my very nature, and it is exhausting.

    It’s just exhausting.

    1. ahjayzis

      Sorry, I’m confused, are you a gay or a No voter? The struggles and pain are so similar! #nomophobia

      1. Seriously


        All I hear is the cries of ‘don’t persecute me for voting No’, ‘my beliefs matter!’, ‘Wont somebody think of the children!’ blahblahblah…

        Any young gay people are being totally forgotten about and any attempts to look after their welfare are shot down as “intolerance of my beliefs” & “Yes side bigotry”

        It sickens me to think that gay people in Ireland are going to look at the rest of us and think we are all closeted No voters when the vast majority of us are more tolerant than ‘the interest of balance’ would have you believe.

        1. Der

          Thanks Seriously, we’re relying on ordinary people to get out and vote. This campaign has been painful but I’m 29, I can take it. I’m not sure how I would have coped if this was going on when I was 15.
          It will be worth if we can get a Yes – I’m not letting myself think about the alternative.

  4. Rudy

    @Chris – I know how you feel and I don’t even live in the bloody country any more!

  5. St. John Smythe

    Just heard on the Facebook grapevine that a former art professor of mine got verbally assaulted on Monday by a middle-aged man in Temple Bar somewhere, probably for wearing a YES badge while also possibly looking a bit foreign (which she is) and maybe a bit like a lesbian (which she also is).

    From what I saw posted after the fact by her long-term partner: “she was pushed in the back, turning around she was confronted by a snarling middle aged man who shoved his face close to hers and shouted loudly ‘get out of this country, we don’t need anyone like you here’. She is 68 years old and although fit, was scared to take him on lest he turned violent…luckily a young man came to the rescue and (the) attacker ran away.”

      1. St. John Smythe

        It was confirmed in response on FB by the person to whom it happened. I haven’t mentioned her name as she probably would want the publicity, the post was only shared among friends and acquaintances, not broadcast on twitter or something.

        I’m posting it here on my own steam.
        I’m not saying its the crime of the century, or even a condemnations of the largesse of NO voters. It is an illustration, just an indication of the sometimes vitriolic mood.

  6. Lorcan Nagle

    Stop bullying the poor scared no voters with your supporting and caring society

  7. Zuppy International

    No thanks. I’m very happy with my current provider of Gay. I won’t be switching anywhere.

  8. Ppads

    No matter how well the No campaign try to mix up issues and sugar coat their message, violence against gay people will rise in this coming weeks and there are already numerous accounts where even wearing a Yes badge provoked attacks. No amount of victimhood posturing by the No campaign can hide the fact that they own these thugs.

    But there are also victims of this deceitful campaign who are suffering in silence. People who were already isolated are getting hurt by being told that they are not the same, that they are different, that they are less. Just as homophobic violence will rise, so will self harm.

    Of course No will deny any responsibility and continue painting the opposition as the oppressors. This is not the case and we all know it.

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