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Friday May 15: Little Gem Presents: Fierce Mild, Sissy, L/B/W @ The Grand Social, Lower Liffey Street, Dublin(€10)

Nialler9 writes:

The launch party for a timely EP release from Dublin post punk funk trio Fierce Mild called Yes n Yes n Yes which encourages a vote next Friday on Equal People and also gives advice on small talk on a song called Small Talk.  Say yes ‘n’ yes ‘n’ yes.

Nialler9’s Gig Guide May 12-18  (Nialler9)

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7 thoughts on “Nialler9’s Gig Of The Week

  1. ahyeah

    Something distasteful about hitching your self-interest to a ‘right on’ movement

    1. bertie blenkinsop

      I could probably overlook it if they were half decent but their song posted on here last week was abysmal.

  2. Christian

    You girls rock! Don’t listen to people that don’t like your music. Many others will love it and we’ll have a great great time this Friday! Rock on!!

  3. Peter Dempsey

    It’s inevitable that bearded chinstroking hipster Nialler would be advocating a YES vote.

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