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A month of Bill Murray movies.

At the Lighthouse Cinema, Smithfield, Dublin.

They say:

For the month of June we are screening a season of our favourite of his films. From Stripes to Lost In Translation and including a Ghostbusters double bill, a tribute to Bill and Harold Ramis and our very first big-screen karaoke party.

Bill Murray Season at the Lighthouse Cinema (Lighthouse Cinema)

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9 thoughts on “The Life Cinematic

  1. fmong

    I’m going to go out on limb here, Ger Brennan cinema stylee, and say I don’t think Bill Murray is that great an actor. He’s a funny actor, and a good one, in the vein of the late great John Candy, Chevy Chase or Steve Martin.. and like most of them he’s built a good body of work on playing more or less the same role. And kudos to him, I like a lot of his films, but this recent Cult of Bill and idea that’s some rare gifted actor, just leaves me cold….

    I dunno, someone wake me when Martin Short is cool!

  2. Fluter Bad

    This sounds like somebody came up with the idea at 3 in morning after a rake of pints.

  3. Mani

    Lost in Translation is an overrated piece of tripe.

    And Ghostbusters II

    When you find you’re adding Ghostbusters II in order to pad out your festival, it’s time to either pick another actor or at least dig a little deeper. Broken Flowers, for god sake. Get Low. Garfield a tale of two kitties. MAd Dog and Glory.

      1. TheDude

        Interestingly Dreyfus filed a law suit against the studio last month regarding profits from What About Bob

    1. LiamZero

      The older you get, the less resonant Lost in Translation seems. Watched it again recently and now I just want to tell Scarlett Johansson’s character to stop being such an annoying brat, and for Bob Harris to stop being so self-obsessed. Maybe when I have a midlife crisis, it will become resonant again.
      Soundtrack is still pretty great though.

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