Irish Kids, Australian Snacks


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Tim-Tams? Twisties? Marmite?


Marc from Youth Tuber writes:

We sent Irish Kids’ Taste Buds Down Under! Some they really loved but some they really DIDN’T!

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10 thoughts on “Irish Kids, Australian Snacks

    1. Odis

      “Vegemite – It’s Australian for Marmite” – Meh – I bought some in Tesco a while back. If anyone wants to make me an offer on a hardly used jar.

  1. Mr. T.

    Yes Australia. We had Penguin bars long before Tim Tams and Penguins are far nicer.

  2. The People's Hero

    “This is not Irish…. It’s too nice…..”

    Damn straight kid…. an analogy for your future…… Which is more than likely Australia….

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