‘Pronounced Way-Co Not Wacko’



Sergeant W. Patrick Swanton said the Twin Peaks restaurant was littered with dead bodies, bullet casings, knives, weapons, shattered glass and pools of blood on Sunday night.
At least nine people were killed when fighting broke out between up to 200 bikers who gathered for a meeting in the city of Waco

Texas biker gang shooting: Police officer describes scene outside Waco restaurant as ‘most gruesome crime scene I’ve seen in 34 years’ (Independent.co.uk)

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22 thoughts on “‘Pronounced Way-Co Not Wacko’

  1. Ernie Ball

    Now if only those poor people had been armed, this whole thing could’ve been avoided.


    The NRA

      1. Drogg

        You are obviously new here if you think i am a Troll, opinionated curmudgeon, Yes, Troll, No.

    1. Drogg

      Yet again this is a classic case of small mickey syndrome. Unfortunately there is no known cure.

    2. newsjustin

      How much of a cliché do you have to be to be in a “Biker Gang”. Probably had bandanas and leather jackets too. Idiots.

  2. Dubloony

    A restaurant called Twin Peaks in a town called Wacko and over 100 bikers.
    Did everyone expect normal?

  3. Tucker Done

    “bikers who gathered for a meeting in the city of Waco”

    This is what happens when nobody brings an agenda

  4. pissedasanewt

    It all kicked off when they started insisting on getting the bill.. Here, its old women with handbags, there is hairy old men with guns, knives etc..

  5. Starina

    but because they’re white nobody’s calling them thugs or terrorists or calling in the national guard. ugh

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