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David writes:

Thought I would let you know about JobsCrush. We are a Dublin based startup who have just recently launched a job search site.

JobsCrush is a web-based application for gathering and organising all job posts across multiple social networks.

We would really appreciate you sharing this with your readers as we would love to hear some feedbackgood or bad. Readers can sign up here.


21 thoughts on “Don’t All Crush At Once

  1. Yo!

    My feedback: Allowing only people with Linkedin and Twitter accounts to register is not right.

  2. _d_a_n_

    Feedback! I have ten minutes in work while i wait for a colleague to deploy, so here ya go.

    Remove the ‘or’ from also centre the text within the buttons and centre the buttons within the picture, it looks messy the buttons look lost. Also remove the ‘Yo!’ it’s juvenile and off putting. I’m looking for a job not a mate.

    The same goes for this page, the picture is cut off at the bottom and the category options aren’t centred at all. The image doesn’t adapt to screen sizes. The white text looks slightly pixelated on high res screens. The transparency looks a little dated. I would consider using background noise instead, here y’are

    All step by step pages.

    Add links to your nav bar. It looks half finished, add a footer too. It looks like i stumbled onto the site, that you’re not ready for me to find a job, I’m not getting the impression that it’s worthwhile to use yet (I mean it’s good, I’m just thinking like your average job seeking user here)

    When selecting my options get rid of the zooming on the buttons, it’s jarring and awful. If I select a city (1 selected) then deselect that city the option bar (green bar) should go back to what it was like on page load. The same goes for every other option. The radio buttons are crap too. Write some js that ensures that only one checkbox in each section is selected, then when none are selected return the green bar (page load state). What if I select a salary scale, then decide I don’t want to enter that data? The radio buttons have locked me in.

    The centering point goes on this page too. The buttons here a little buggy too. Full Stack developer was checked but the default green bar was displayed also.

    Stop trying to corral your users, instead account for what the may do, adapt to their choices instead of making choices for them

    There’s a lot wrong on the main job page.

    If there are no more jobs to load, do not show the load more button. At the moment each time i click the button the page variable is incremented, even if there are no jobs. If you’re going to use infinite scroll, do it properly. Load more jobs before the user sees the end of the page, they should ideally never see a load more button, and only when more records are there. In your server response have a ‘HasMoreJobs’ property denoting whether there is more pages, use that in your view model or whatever you’re using to denote whether to display the button. But if you have implemented infinite scroll properly your use should never see it! Add a no more results message.

    On page load if I click Show More it just shows the Show Less link, I need to click it twice to actually see the job listing (Firefox 38.0.1, windows 7, all of this is). Actually if I keep clicking Show More it keeps adding the Show Less, like repeats it loads.

    Your responsiveness doesn’t work at all.

    The icons at the left of your postings seem completely random to me. Don’t expect your users to understand a visual system you came up with in an office somewhere.

    Change industry on the preferences page isn’t centered properly.

    Got a white screen when I changes city and hit update. The city change isn’t obvious it’s lost, I assumed all the postings were from all cities. Why is there a max of three? Are these Ids not just addedf to a search object? That makes me belive there are some problems with your DA layer.

    White screen url:

    I looked at your source code there. You need to remove your js from you html pages, put in a seperate minimized file referenced at the bottom, it’s mad to actually have your $.ajax requests there for all to see. I could properly hack this site or at least fill your db full of sh1te in about ten minutes.

    I’ll stop there.

    This is just from a future development perspective, I know you’re a start up and the quickest path to product is best, that’s what the money tells you all the time, but don’t skimp on quality, don’t let that take away from doing things correctly, it will cost you in the future. I don’t know what framework you’re using, but form the post_id style stuff it’s probably Rails/MySql, maybe something else, but you should be using this to serve data. Pick a UI framework, like ember or angular to handle your front end, and keep your request lean. Google already processes and renders js frameworks, and you can implement for more control, so don’t worry about SEO.

    I think it’s a good idea, and I hate recruiters, that’s why I’m taking time to give you my two cents. Disagree with me if ya want, that’s cool, that’s what makes this sh!t fun!

    Again good idea, good luck with it.

    1. David


      *Virtual high*

      Seriously this kind of feedback is priceless.

      First off thanks for taking 10 mins to interact with our site, means a lot to us.

      Secondly, we are constantly updating and pushing new UI/UX to our servers everyday.

      I am going to print your suggestions off and sit down with the team later to discuss future changes.

      Thanks again :)

          1. _d_a_n_

            If broadsheet put us in touch, I’m more that happy to meet up and b!tch more I mean lend friendly advice about your work :- ) ,

      1. Gers

        This sort of feedback shows just how awful the designer who done this is. Seriously.

        1. _d_a_n_

          No it doesn’t.

          There are many hurdles over which the development of an application can fall. Development, testing, and maybe, yes, design. It’s shortsighted to simply say ‘the designer is awful’, maybe it’s the developer, or development team that implemented it, maybe it’s a failure of their testing practices or even their company culture informing a too ambitious release schedule. Who knows, eh?

  3. Counie

    I think the menu option “whats your job role” is too restrictive.

    From my perspective I would be looking for jobs in a specific technology rather than using a generic job description

    e.g. SAP , Oracle , Microsoft .NET

    just my 6c

    1. David

      You’re absolutely right Counie and this is a feature we are currently working on. Please keep checking back as we are updating our site every week with new tools/ features. We hope you find JobsCrush beneficial in your job search :)



  4. FFS

    No proper search function, i.e. CCNA / Wintel etc

    Closest match was operations and I’d have to search through irrelevant roles.
    When I chose load more it just re-spawned the roles already shown.

    Only approx 15 roles shown for operations in Dublin, seriously??
    Go to any of the other sites and their are hundreds

    Good idea though

  5. Al

    register with twitter and give you permission to do the following…

    Read Tweets from your timeline.
    See who you follow, and follow new people.
    Update your profile.
    Post Tweets for you.

    Not on your nelly mate

  6. Yea, Ok

    Why are there only two industries? And why so restrictive even within those (irrelevant to me) industries. Not all jobs fit neatly in a little box either – once you start expanding outside technology and hospitality I can see you running into problems trying to pigeonhole people so much.

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