Meanwhile, At Trinity College


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This evening.

Trinity College, Dublin

Samuel Riggs writes:

With the recent news that a large youth turnout in the referendum is vital for its success, TCDSU [Trinity College Students’ Union] have raised the flag for Marriage Equality, quite literally, right outside their front door.

A large 9mx4m flag stating “Trinity’s Gates Are Open to All – Vote Yes For a More Equal Ireland on May 22nd!” has been unveiled over Front Arch, firmly stating the Union’s stance on the upcoming marriage equality referendum.

TCDSU (Facebook)

12 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At Trinity College

  1. dhaughton99

    If the gates are open to all, then why did yer man ram them with his car that time?

  2. Turlough

    As a Trinity student, you can be assured that the only reason they lock those gates at night are that they’re afraid someone’s going to break in and clean the place.

  3. Paul

    It really bothers me that the sign is nowhere near straight…although maybe that’s appropriate this time ;)

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