17 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. munkifisht

    Jasus, still all the papers with the gay stuff. Examiner all gay frontpage, Bono with his thumbs up gay people on the sun, Gay lads on the NYT, Lad riding a gay horse on the Racing Post and loads of horses lookin at another horses arse. Gay Chinese people on steps on the FT, Two gay people who are in a straight relationship on the Guardian just wishing they could be living in Ireland being super gay, lad stripping another lad on the sports section of the Independent, celebrating all things gay, and the front of the indo with a mass Lesbian wedding. Lad holding up his partner, a gay cricket bat on the times. Gay Gay Gay.

      1. Sharon's Boyfriend

        ‘Sorry to be an inconvenience one month of your life.’
        -Kieran NYC

        Don’t underestimate yourself mate.

        I can agree with you on one thing;
        You said the other day that you ‘couldn’t believe’ that you made it home to vote.
        I also don’t believe it.

      2. munkifisht

        I would have thought the hyperbole was fairly full on with that comment. It was an ironic comment harkening back to the funless wonders from yesterday who were moaning about the blanket coverage. Point is, in a day it’s down about 50%, in a week it’ll be page 10 news at best and we probably won’t hear anything else until the legislation gets passed.

    1. Tom Stewart

      It’s the Examiner. Don’t expect any journalism to be behind anything they print.

      1. Sharon's Boyfriend

        Another thing Tom, and you mightn’t have known this…
        -If you have a ‘mate’ from Cork and you keep calling him Korky he might get upset, wreck the gaff and leave in the darkness, still owing his share of the rent.

        It HAS happened!
        Oh yes!

  2. Sharon's Boyfriend

    Well-done you sexy bastards, but hey…
    …would you mind if we went back to concentrating on the Water Charges again please?
    It means a lot to a lot of us.

    And hey, let’s bring that positive energy forward and , eh…say NO.

        1. Sharon's Boyfriend

          Atticus is right.
          Move along now…there’s ‘nothing’ to see here.

          Nothing happened while you were looking the other way, at your rainbows, your friend who seems a bit ‘over’-joyous in your estimation for a bloke who still maintains that he’s ‘straight’, or eh, etc..

          Nothing happened, okay?
          Just move along.

        2. ABM's Bloodied Underwear

          Arse. I checked the date before posting, not realizing that it’s today’s date up the top and published date elsewhere. Pitchforks down fellers.

    1. Tá Frilly Keane

      Ah no

      Eff the water charges
      Let’s keep the show on the road and get ourselves a ProChoice Constitution before next Easter

  3. Lisa

    Can we just move on please? That Examiner story is just pathetic. Putting a $ value on every bloody thing in this country.

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