ITunes For Fonts


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The Netherlands based Fontstand introduced this week at TYPO Berlin – a Mac OS app that allows users to ‘test-drive’ a huge range of typefaces from international type foundries and independent designers free for one hour, or rent them for a month at 10% of the purchase price.

It all sounds rather nifty.



9 thoughts on “ITunes For Fonts

  1. custo

    ‘if there’s anything people love, it’s buying things that are already available for free’

      1. Stewart Curry

        Plus using pirate fonts for any signifigant commercial use can and will get you in serious trouble

        1. Custo

          I’m talking about the thousands of brilliant fonts free for personal & commercial use on etc.

          1. Daisy Chainsaw

            Dafont is your only man. I even found the MFM Ireland “DON’T LET QUARES NEAR CHILDREN” poster font. If I’d found it sooner, I’d have had some fun mocking up a few posters, guerilla stylee!

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