17 thoughts on “The Roof Will Set You Free

  1. dhaughton99

    Queue the auldwan giving out to Joe,about her dear son getting a flesh eating bacteria infection.

    Der only kids Joe, it keeps dem off the drugs.

  2. mthead

    You know you’re working class if you’ve jumped off something into a body of water. It’s how I first knew.

    1. Joe

      working class didn’t wear wetsuits in my day, they were hardier back then. shocking soft now.

  3. IP Freely

    Harbo’s mates jumping off Redacted’s building site. Broadsheet buzzword bingo bonus points.

  4. Murtles

    There’s nothing more frightening in this world than the sight of a ginger kid in a wet suit. *shudder

  5. puddlerbobby

    The first? They have been jumping off everything down there since early February?

  6. The Bird in the Box

    and when one of them hurts themselves, whoever owns whatever they jump off will have to provide a big pay out.

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