57 thoughts on “Minimal To The Maxx

    1. Mister Mister

      Exactly, it’s not specific to women. And swim wear can be a big maternal swimsuit if you want, or a fully bodied wetsuit.

  1. Wayne.F

    Could Muslim women not wear their burkini? Certainly not gender specific some people want to get over themselves

  2. Ppads

    TK MAX. The only shop in Ireland where the size Xl equals small medium. Still, they can’t go too far wrong with swim wear.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        They do. They put different labels on them so it looks as if you are not buying in house TK MAXX but they make probably half of what is in the shop. There was a BBC thing on it.

  3. Anomanomanom

    So if a Muslim chooses not to wear a bikini then that some how means tk are racist! Also as stated already it does not say women only.

  4. Gobsonie

    How is it sexist? It doesn’t specify women or men. It literally has no relation to sexism. Just typical PC Brigade looking for something to moan about.

    Stop crying with this petty poo, Anne. There is bigger problems in Ireland and the world.

    1. Delacaravanio

      She’s three real racist by prejudging all Muslims by assuming they won’t wear swimwear.

  5. Joe the Lion

    So long as there’s no breach of elf and safety I didn’t see a problem here

  6. Cil

    Bit touchy there.. It also doesn’t say only your swimwear. Any money says if you arrived with the speedos over your jeans you’re getting the voucher. You read so much into that, that wasn’t there. Relax the kaks

  7. Donal

    actually Anne Marie O’Connor is the culturally insensitive one here for perpetuating the stereotype that ALL muslim women adhere to the hijab. Go to Istanbul, Beirut, Dubai or Sarajevo and you will see muslim women who dress the same as Anne even on the beach

  8. Owen

    Oh FFS. People need to get over themselves and stop trying to be so righteous for attention.

  9. Bertie Blenkinsop

    Nice tweet from Anne Marie yesterday…

    “Unless Caitlyn Jenner gets her mickey stitched back on, I don’t particularly want to read any more news stories about her.”

    1. Wayne.F

      She hasn’t had it lobbed off yet and has no intention to so she can’t have it stitched back on

  10. Malatey

    Stop being offended by everything! Just wear ur bikini OVER a t-shirt & jeans :) or a wetsuit

  11. Bleh

    Yeah, much fun as it is being a righteous intersectional feminist, this is neither sexist nor racist.

  12. Alan Sherry

    So Muslims don’t go to the beach or wear swimwear? Google Islamic Swimwear and see what comes up.

    1. mauriac

      maybe we should ban swimming pools , women playing sport or driving ,music and all art depicting humans just in case it annoys some fundamentalist Saudi clerics.

    2. Eliot Rosewater

      It’s not even a case of Islamic swimwear. I think she needs to investigate whether (gasp) Muslim women don’t necessarily follow all Muslim rules. It’s not a monolith!

  13. Dhaughton99

    I’ve seen queues for packets of powdered soup on Mary St, so if you asked to wear your lover as a hat, you’d still get people turning up.

  14. Eamonn Clancy

    With the influx of many nationalities over the years we’ve picked up some nice words that deal with outrages such as this, one of my faves, from the Polish, says it all, tuffpooski.

  15. Mikeyfex

    Looking around it would seem the Outrage Achievement has still been unlocked. Ye’ve all been bugs bunnied.

  16. bob

    Methinks broadsheet knew what it was doing with this one! :-)

    Now I’m off to picket my local swimming pool…..

  17. ahjayzis

    Er, if anyone, male or female, happens to swim in a super-modest, all-over-body wetsuit-plus-gimp-mask ensemble, they can partake?

  18. Feminazi Gestapo

    Alright move along Volks, nothing to see here.

    Ma’am, I’m afraid I’m going to have to book you for wasting police time.

  19. Blublu

    muslim? Haha This person is some wally. Does she get offended by banks charging and paying interest too? Or restaurants offering deals during the day time during Ramadan? I could go on, but nah….

  20. veritas

    But I am wearing my swimming suit under my clothes,it’s the same one as my birthday suit,now can I have the voucher.

  21. CousinJack

    Why can’t they use a fit person as a model, I’m a bit fed up with the pro-fatty propaganda. No we are on course to be the fattest nation.
    Of course I’m not fattist, you’re fattist.

  22. Parochial Central

    Anne Marie O’Connor: One of the biggest losers of the Irish Twitterati scene. Move on.

  23. Joe the Lion

    Next thing you know they will be using actual women to promote sanitary pads

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