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  1. Mick Flavin

    I know it shouldn’t, but for some reason it always surprises me that she’s Labour, not Fine Gael.

  2. Mr. T.

    She’s always posting pictures of her pastimes, going on about sailing, holidays in South Africa, golf, etc. I think it’s insensitive to her constituents who are probably in mortgage arrears and seeking work. She’s all about herself. Can’t stand her.

    1. paul

      no matter what Lorraine thinks she doesn’t have any constituents. the people of galway have rejected her three times.

      1. mauriac

        exactly. senators don’t have constituencies. and don’t get me started on the,”clinic” bullshit.

    1. Mr. T.

      She wouldn’t care about graphic design. Probably thinks it’s a casual trade like window cleaning.

      1. 3stella

        That bottom pic a real seller, just minus the Garda sub aqua unit and Ciaran Mullooly…

    2. Dubh Linn

      Yes just like interweb commentators are “allowed” to be to bad to speaking the English

  3. Clampers Outside!

    2009 local elections – Galway people/Council did not want her.
    2011 general elections – Galway people didn’t want her.
    2011 Seanad elections – Galway people didn’t want her
    2014 European elections – Midlands-Nth East people didn’t want her
    Had to be ‘nominated’ by Inda, to get into the Seanad, in 2011.

    Another unwanted unelected Seanad mouth piece for the FG/L gubbiment. The people already decided.

    1. Soupynorman

      What an (abysmal) track record and yet she acts like she’s next in line for the Iron Throne.

  4. Mikeyfex

    “…And can you make the ‘8th & 22nd’ bit appear like it’s sitting on the ground at the base of the wall? Ya. Like that. Oh, that’s so good. Now, the Loughrea one. Oh, give the text a watery and grassy feel to reflect the natural landsc…oh that’s perfect, you’re reading my mind. Now put me in there. I want it to look real…”

  5. ahjayzis

    When has she pencilled in the other 40 odd constituencies.

    Dear Ms. Unelectable

    Your constituency is the Republic of Ireland, it may have passed you by but you were not elected as a TD (or anything else) for Galway.



    1. Sam

      You just wait until she has you imprisoned for cyber bullying.

      You and your heartless use of facts to cause alarm to this gombeen ‘unrecognised hero of the people’.

    2. Sam

      +1 by the way.
      Clearly she sees the Seanad gig as a way to have a profile for another attempt at getting elected for Galway, and to hell with the actual job description.

  6. Spaghetti Hoop

    I wouldn’t meet anyone at that desolate lakeside location, least of all a politician.

  7. martco


    afaik you need a lot of money to fund a pastime such as playing at being a politician

    and she’s been playing at it for a fair while now, where does her money come from, anyone???

  8. Cobweb

    The graphics suggest she wants to talk about the housing crisis and the water charges.

  9. Contact.ie

    We squeezed in the time during our busy schedule to meet during the one hour “window of opportunity” to deliver a list of all people who partook in our “Stop the Labour Party online Censorship Bills” campaign:

    The lady says she is not for turning.

    Here’s our tweets:

    Dropping off the the list

    Our retort to the good senator saying no one had emailed her:

    She’ll respond “in my own time”.

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