37 thoughts on “Ah Here

      1. Odis

        Wake up Michael!
        Does someone with impeccable taste, have one of those cardboard christmas tree air fresheners dangling from their mirror?

  1. Casey

    Access to the kids only once a week….. future of my relationship with them looks bleak

  2. Mikeyfex

    “I don’t care if it doesn’t fit, I’m putting that second exclamation mark on the fupping car.”

  3. Dongle

    Was stuck behind a souped up Mitsubishi Colt on the M50 recently. He had a sticker the full width of the back window-MUFFUBUSHI.

  4. Mick Flavin

    This earthly life is but shadows in a cave,
    Dearly anticipating the cold embrace of the grave…

    1. Pale Blue Dot Cotton

      Most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to the graves with the song still in them.

  5. Some Dad

    Adding the second exclamation mark to the body of the car is the potential serial killer giveaway.

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