15 thoughts on “Making An Exit

  1. Isallimsaying

    Cracking letterhead and ‘typeface’ guys.
    A case of bolting the unstable door after the bolt has…the horse…no that’s not right either…

    Vandal: You’ve been wreck-ordered – there’s no getting out. No, its a frame up. The evidence hinges on the…please, for the love of God, somebody stop me.

    1. Fatman Scooperman

      You’re doing it wrong isall. See you do one, spaghetti hoop does one, someone else, spaghetti hoop, ad infinitum

    2. Tidy Dave

      It amazes me how often I have seen people use backtick ( ` ) or grave ( ยด ) characters in place of apostrophes ( ‘ ) or double-quotes ( ” ), because in order to print just a backtick or a grave, you require two keystrokes. What’s that all about?

      1. Tidy Dave

        Depending on the keyboard locale, obviously. But in this context I mean a British English keyboard layout.

  2. rotide

    You’d imagine that people who casualy kick doors in don’t really set much store in being publicly shamed.

    They’ll probably take a selfie in front of the next sign.

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