Meanwhile, In Stephen’s Green



The Famine memorial in the north eastern corner of Stephen’s Green [behind  the Wolfe Tone statue]

Philip Slattery writes:

What’s up with the Famine statue [by Edward Delaney] in Stephens Green? For the past six months it was closed off by barriers and fancy brick work was being put down around it. Noticed today that the barriers and bricks are gone. Wonder how much Dublin City Council wasted on this non-starter….



…I can confirm that as St Stephens Green has been designated a National Monument, an application is currently with DAHG seeking ministerial consent to re-pave the area around the Famine Sculpture. The works that you currently see there are samples chosen and the consent is awaited before any works commence and have been cordoned off for health and safety purposes…..

From the Office of Public Works via an email sent in May to Eamon Delaney, son of the Famine memorial sculptor

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10 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Stephen’s Green

  1. paver

    sample panel , it get put in position, architects then view and decide if they like it,

    it’s a common practice , if you walk at college green by Trinity you can see 3 of them side by side as the city architects decide which type of granite they’ll pave the city with during the Luas works

  2. Ernie Ball

    Nice, gratuitous dig at the city council. Don’t we all know that the public sector are all shiftless layabouts…

    …gold-plated pensions…


    …sick days…


    …dynamic private-sector wealth creators…

  3. timble

    St Stephen’s Green is run by the OPW but don’t let your anti-public sector ignorance get in the way.

    More importantly what is ‘fancy brick work’

  4. Conski

    I remember seeing some teenage anorexic girl posing with them for photos, she made them look fat

  5. Custo

    DCC are actually very forward thinking with regards to public art etc. Have a look at their Beta projects website. All those cool little things you see all around the city? That’s DCC.

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