When Life Was Semple




The genuinely demented Trip to Tipp, 1990.

The first and maddest (apologies 1991).

Were you there?

JeffthePianist sez:

Anyone with memories and or images and or video of the Féile [Summer 1990] in Thurles [Co Tipperary] are kindly requested to share them with the Facebook page [link below] set up to commemorate 25 years of Ireland’s best properly Irish festival in terms of line-up and zombie binge drinking. Good times…


Féile – Trip To Tipp (Facebook)

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Pics: Wally Cassidy

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22 thoughts on “When Life Was Semple

    1. 3stella

      94…. The last Trip to Tip
      The Prodigy, Blur, Björk, Rage Against the Machine, House of Pain, Cypress Hill…

      1. manolo

        Some heard “Björk, Björk” everywhere and assumed she was popular, but it actually was the sound of people going sick in those festivals.

  1. Pedantic Pat

    The pair asleep on the ground appear to be dead, because they are pictured in exactly the same position in 1991, c.f. your “And It Was A Trip” & apologies 1991 links.

  2. Just paul

    The year it went to Cork was brilliant… Just getting into full swing when Keith from the Prodigy only goes and shorts the sound system and everything goes dead… Admittedly that wasn’t a good part, but the weekend is still one of the best memories of my (wasted) youth. We even managed to squeeze a night at Sir Henerys into the weekend before returning home to Dublin…
    I know everyone always says it ( of a certain age) but those nights out in the early and mid nighties were just brilliant…

  3. St. John Smythe

    That is some shit line up.
    – considering what was happening in music at the time, and considering the bands to then play in the subsequent year(s)

      1. St. John Smythe

        just to pick the first things in my head:

        …looking quickly across the pond to the UK…rave/dance music (1989 ‘summer of love’) and then the UK indie scene (eg. half-Irish My Blood Valentine…admittedly not a great festival band…but the whole Madchester thing had started to chart big time: the Happy Mondays, Stone Roses and New Order being the more successful bands, there was also bands like Inspiral Carpets, and then A Guy Called Gerald – they had all firmly established themselves in pop consciousness before 1990).

        …in the USA, hip-hop and related Afro-American sounds had already started go mainstream well before 1990 – first names that come to mind is De La Soul, Run DMC, the Beastie Boys, then there was the whole harder edge too (NWA, Ice-T etc.) which I can’t imagine getting programmed at a festival though.

        Still, Feile had Meat Loaf, Big Country, Van the Man, and Mary Black.

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