De Wednesday Papers



MORE to folly.

Thanks Geoff McGrath (The Irish Daily Mail); Tanya O Neill (The Westmeath Independent, Meath Chronicle, Anglo Celt); Séamus Kiernan (The Westmeath Topic); Patrick Conboy (The Longford leader); Nick Sutton (UK covers)

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20 thoughts on “De Wednesday Papers

    1. Walter-Ego

      Tabloid Scum. That front page of the star is disgusting. Please don’t post it Broadsheet.

  1. Jackdaw

    The Examiner has more or less the same photo. Not blown up but more or less the same. All journalists are the same.

    1. lolly

      the Examiner should not have run that pic it’s true. However It was only as a result of your comment that I spotted the body bags in their pic so I don’t think it is exactly the same thing. if you really think the examiner is the same as the star then it is clear you don’t read either newspaper.

  2. Kieran NYC

    The Sun isn’t covering itself in glory either.

    Even dead people aren’t excluded from being perved on, apparently.

  3. Deebo

    agree, one is almost as bad as the other, both are completely insensitive in different ways… Why do people buy that muck?

  4. dereviled

    The tabloid mentality seems to be, “We have no respect for others as we have no respect for ourselves.”

  5. BG

    Broadsheet take down the Star and The Examiner cover pages. You are as bad as these rags for posting such images.

  6. Sinabhfuil

    The rules – informal but accepted – on photos used to be “no photos of people charged in court cases until they’re convicted; no photos of people related to those involved in court cases at any stage; no photos of witnesses in court cases; no photos of dead bodies; no photos of torture”. These rules, used by decent newspapers but not by the worst of the tabloids, started to slip in late 1990s, and we’re now rapidly going towards the Middle Eastern standard that regularly show castrated, headless bodies.

    You might say it’s about time journalists took a look at the practices of their profession, but journalism is no longer a profession.

  7. AlisonT

    Looks like broadsheet is setting itself at tabloid level showing that Star page. Please remove.

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