49 thoughts on “Hey, You At The Beck

  1. Mick Flavin

    Well, was Beck any use?
    I missed out because I got Nils Frahm tickets before I knew he was playing the same night.

    1. Quint

      Beck was great, he puts on a great show but outdoor gigs in the bright evening sunshine never really work. Lots of people chatting with their friends throughout though, that €60.60 they paid for tickets put to good use.

      1. munkifisht

        Going to see Future Islands, Beck and The Stokes in Hyde Park tomorrow for £66. Think thats a win.

        1. Mani

          …although I hear the stokes haven’t been the same since John Paul left to pursue a career in theft.

      1. Caroline

        Beck was way better than I expected. Was sickened to miss Nils Frahm, but I did get to see Jonny Greenwood do Electric Counterpoint.

          1. Caroline

            Well yes. I thought he would play a lot more of the new album which is a bit dreary. In the end it was basically a party set and he seemed in great form. Place looked half empty though.

          2. Birneybau2

            Caught him in Cork the night before, pretty much half empty also. Pity, the guy’s so talented.

  2. Delta Other Alphabet Numbers

    Was he good? I remember seeing him at the first Witnness, and it was mind blowing. Then after Sea Change he did a very dull downbeat acoustic set with the Thrills as support, I waited til the Thrills finished, and I left during Beck.
    Would have loved to have been there!

    1. Mick Flavin

      That show at Witnness was amazing. It was my first festival, so for a long time I thought I was exaggerating how good it was because it was a new experience for me. I’ve heard so many people cite it as their favourite festival gig since though.
      There was a funny few minutes of everyone throwing flattened paper cups in the air. Plastic cups were used the following year.

      1. Delta Other Alphabet Numbers

        My first festival too, I was 14 or 15. Left all my friends to go see him on my own. Bladdered but loved every second of it.

      2. AmeliaBedelia

        My friend got a nasty cut on her forehead when some eejit threw up a glass bottle with the paper cups. We spent the rest of the night in the St John’s Ambulance tent missing the great Beck set, but at least my friend was okay. Devil’s Haircut indeed.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly

        He was brought up with it, though. I find that more forgiveable.
        I saw him at the Point years ago. I’ve been to a lot of gigs and that was certainly one of the better ones.

    1. Mr. T.

      You remind of those Duran Duran fans in the 80s who bullied Morrissey fans but now pretend they always liked him.

  3. Gdo

    Seen this man play live twice. He puts on a fantastic show. One of the best live performers I’ve seen.

  4. Rugbyfan

    and there’s always one taking a photo of the one!
    any proof you didn’t take this photo with your ipad?

  5. Saul

    It was a pretty good gig. I’m sure you’ll be able to see it online soon enough. The dipstick in front of me recorded the whole thing on his phone.

  6. bolloxchops

    The reason these gigs are half empty is because they’re overpriced. Promoters sticking their fist in for all they can get . €40 would have been plenty for a gig like this..

    1. Quint

      I got 2 tickets on Done Deal for nearly half-price, which is what they should be in the first place. 60 euro is crazy money for one artist, hence the endless radio and print ads for the gig and less than full attendance last night.

  7. Mr. T.

    Talking through gigs is obnoxiously selfish.

    Too many a-holes with too much money buy tickets to gigs just so they can say they saw so and so.

    Too Many A-Holes… good band name.

  8. karlypants

    Beck was amazing as always, not quite up to the performance at EP last year but yes.

    Jonny ‘WTF’ Greenwood was probably the worst choice of support possible after maybe Mattress Mick.

    1. Caroline

      Speaking as one of probably a handful of people primarily there to see him and the LCO, it was really not the ideal forum.

      1. Joe the Lion

        I really enjoyed his playing more than the other radiohead members as individuals or a collective but I would find it hard to see he would replicate the impact of his score from There Will Be Blood outside the context of the movie

  9. gigitygigity

    Was a brilliant gig and some laugh, puts on an excellent show. It would have been better in the dark, but all in all a great gig.

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