Free The Cycle Lanes



On Westland Row this morning.

Via Derek O’Neill 


On Aungier Street this morning.

Via Ciarán Ferrie


Bull Alley, Dublin 8 yesterday evening.

Via Annja O’Brien


At junction of Dorset St and North Circular Road yesterday evening.

Via Jim

Keith writes:

“In order to highlight the widespread illegal parking in and blocking of cycling lanes, road users have taken to the social networks tagging violations with the hashtag #FreeTheCycleLanes. It is Bike Week after all!”

Illegal Parking in Cycle Lanes – #FreeTheCycleLanes Campaign (Dublin Cycling)

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98 thoughts on “Free The Cycle Lanes

  1. Mikeyfex

    Ya fair enough for some of those but for others the side of the road seems to be the best place to pull in, to me. It’s a city, ye all share the space. Come to the country and see cyclists go two and three abreast on narrow roads – as a driver, I wait til it’s safe to pass and then do so. No tears and no hashtags.

    1. dereviled

      Eh, you know, I’m inclined to agree with you now despite my usual irritation at these “challenges” in fast moving traffic.
      Besides, some of them are legal according to Medium below…

      1. scottser

        sure weren’t our cycle lanes only built to scrounge a few bob from the eu? we built cycle lanes over car parking spaces, footpaths and bus lanes with only a passing nod to safety, functionality etc.

    2. S Boles

      The roads are all empty in those pictures but it’s a different story at rush hour.

      If you’re on a bike you’re at a disadvantage in terms of speed and vulnerability. The idea of designated cycle lanes is an attempt to address that. They keep space clear and save you the added risk of having to pull into the general traffic lane. If they’re disregarded then people get annoyed and take pictures.

      As for cycling two abreast on country roads – in many cases that’s safer, it discourages dangerous overtaking.

      1. Mikeyfex

        Ya, in fairness I spent a lot of last week driving around Dublin and I wouldn’t fancy being a cyclist there. It just seems like there isn’t the space on a lot of the streets so compromises have to be made. You mention below that these pics aren’t the best examples so I’ll also concede that there are complete a-holes out there too who don’t consider anyone else and that would annoy me too.

      1. Vote Rep #1

        Which way is the arrow pointing on the bollard? Weird that, eh? Its almost as if it is a contra-flow cycle lane.

      2. S Boles

        It’s a contraflow lane, that’s the whole point. All the more reason it shouldn’t be parked in – if you overtake you will pull into oncoming traffic.

  2. Corky Duke

    100% Mikey,

    Also Aungier st one is only a suggested cycle lane. thats what the broken line means, traffic allowd to use it.
    Ill respect these cycle lanes when cyclists respect the rules of the road……

    1. Medium Sized C

      Its legal to park there either way as long as they are loading or unloading and not for more than 30 min.

    2. ___

      Cars are allowed to drive through it if necessary, they’re not allowed to park there.

      All cycle lanes are treated as clear-ways.

    3. Ribeard

      I’m a cyclist and I respect all red lights, stop signs and everything else. But sure don’t let me get in the way of you tarring everyone with the same brush.

  3. Jones

    Pass them out you pedantic numptys. No wonder we cyclists get a bad name with you geeks stopping to pap people pulling in.

      1. Wearnicehats

        1 is ok between 10am and 12.30pm anyway.

        Shops have take deliveries somehow you know

        How about a twitter campaign with the hashtag “youcyclelikeadick”.

      2. Medium Sized C


        I’m actually wrong on number 1. It would have to be a broken line.

        re 4:
        “the prohibition on the stopping or parking of a vehicle imposed by these Regulations shall not apply to”

        “(e) a vehicle being used for the purpose of facilitating the immobilisation of a vehicle or the removal of an immobilisation device from a vehicle pursuant to section 101B of the Principal Act, as inserted by section 9 of the Dublin Transport. Authority (Dissolution) Act, 1987 (No. 34 of 1987);”

    1. S Boles

      Which is part of the problem (well it’s only legal if you’re actively unloading for up to 30 mins). It basically means that most cycle lanes aren’t enforceable.

    1. Jones

      It GoPro footage. They then rub one out looking at their glorious recordings from the daily commute home.

        1. Norbet Cooper

          Mani, I give you that domain…. Somebody, somewhere in summertime will be into it…

    2. scundered

      there’s always one who resorts to stereotypes, maybe the rider (whatever they are wearing) simply has a genuine reason to be annoyed by having to enter the much riskier car lanes.

  4. Parochial Central

    Couldn’t agree more.

    Plus, repair the cycle lanes – jesus, it’s like the Battle of the Somme on some of them. Try the one on the dualer from Donnybrook to UCD. Or how about the one in the Phoenix park from the Zoo to park gates on the southside? Yeah the same ones the cops park in.

    It’s not just cars, vans, and trucks – the number of fat walkers and runners who don’t get the idea of bike lanes and paths in the Phoenix Park makes you think a) we’ll never see the end of Operation Transformation and b) there are some seriously stupid people out there..

    1. Corky Duke

      Fix the pot holes in the cycle lanes……..are you mad!
      I think you mean fix the pot holes on the road first. Motorist pay to drive/ride on the road and we dont get pot holes fixed, never mind the cyclists and their “lanes”……….

      1. Joxer

        this post reminds me of an incident from the Wicklow 200 a couple weeks ago. We were up around Aughavannagh pulled in at the side of the road and heard a jeep revving like fupp and when it came into the view there was the driver screaming at all the cyclists – “get off the fupping road, i pay tax and NCT and youse pay nothing, get off the fupping road” . he continued this tirade at all cyclists, that we could see all the way down the road. typical gobshite.

      2. munkifisht

        Wow, you’re a genuine moron. Was this an issue for generations in your family? Are they all morons or are you the first? Simply wow.

        In order to dedumbify you, cycle lanes, have nothing but benefits to everyone, and if you are a motorists you should be BEGGING the RSA to be putting them in everywhere and have cities more bike friendly. Why? Because people being on bikes means less cars on the road, which means less traffic, which means, dumby, that you get to where you want in your pollution causing, cancerous tumour inducing, noise emanating, heart disease provoking, waist band expanding, money burning, death machine, AKA your precious VW Passat, much much faster. People like you make me despair for the human race.

      3. Parochial Central

        @Corky Spa – as I recall cyclists pay taxes. And guess who wrecks the cycle lanes the most? Dublin Bus. Put up the fares to pay for the cycle lane damage.

    2. Joe the Lion

      Agreed the roads are in a desperate state

      Won’t someone think of fixshing the rode?

      1. Parochial Central

        You obviously won’t be taking the higher English LC, what with third class being the best two years of your life. Cretin.

    3. Caroline

      The bike lanes and footpaths switcheroo in the Phoenix Park is a total failure. The designated pedestrian routes are blocked off by a railing for several hundred metres. If you have a pram with you, or you’re in a wheelchair, or for some other reason you can’t hop over the railing, you’ve no option but to stay in the cycle lane.

    4. DD

      Who would have thought the Battle of the Somme could have been avoided by the laying of a bit of asphalt?

    5. Parochial Central

      perhaps if the fat little bunter who occupies the Aras presently got out on a bike on the lanes around his gaff we might see some improvement. I guess @labour luvvies aren’t real cyclists. But then, they’re not real socialists either.

  5. ceo

    Not trying to sound anti-cyclist (I would love if our town and cities were properly kitted out for cyclists) but businesses need supplies and the post needs to be delivered. So what are they to do?

    Dublin just isn’t geared for cyclists. This” paint a strip of red onto the road” malarkey is a fob. Until we have dedicated cycle lanes blocked off from the road with a kerbed path (a la Copenhagen etc.) then what do we all expect. Where are delivery trucks supposed to unload?

    1. scundered

      It is a big problem alright, block the road, block the cycle path or block the footpath… not much of a choice really.

    2. Rob_G

      I would disagree about the segregated cycle lanes – this kind of reinforces the mindset among some road users that ‘cyclists shouldn’t be on the road’. Plus, you end up having to slow down/stop for every junction with a minor road.

      1. ceo

        I dunno, seems to work in Copenhagen and it feels so safe. Spent 12 hours cycling around there one day recently. I wouldn’t do that in Dublin. Also, you even get your own bike traffic lights.

    3. Parochial Central

      “Dublin just isn’t geared for cyclists.” – so fixie it up then. #badumtish

  6. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    It is illegal for vehicles to cross (or park in) the solid white line bounding a cycle-lane.
    Vehicles can merrily cross, park, or have a picnic inside a dotted white line (unless also posted as a clearway/double yellow etc,). Effectively a dotted white line means nothing, apart from that bikes are nice, and the corpo has access to white paint.
    The best description I ever read was in The Slate, which explained that these lanes are actually special Death Lanes that the council hasn’t explained properly, and that the bike-icons represent the location where cyclists have been killed.

  7. Joxer

    Road users – if its not Car drivers acting the eejit its cyclists acting the eejit….

    if they are parked for a reason rather than convenience then so what – give the guys a break. As Jones says above go around and move on.

    1. scundered

      So would you also say its acceptable for a bike rider to leave his bike in the middle of the road blocking the traffic, to go get a coffee, and drivers should manoeuvre around it? (Not that a bike in Dublin would still be there when he/she returned of course)

      1. Joxer

        nope i wouldn’t say that is acceptable and i alluded to that situation in my post “if they are parked for a reason rather than convenience”

  8. Thierry AnMhí

    I think the point is that it creates a danger for cyclists, forcing them to indicate to the right to move out….the majority of cars in the city don’t allow the recommended 2m space they should keep from a cyclist and sure how can they when tossers like this are using the cycle lanes as parking spots. I see it every morning outside a coffee shop on Mespil road, cars parked in the cycle lane when there are allocated parking spots 5m down the road….laziness. On yer bike!

      1. Vote Rep #1

        To go around. I think its a bit less at 1.5 metres but not many motorists give it. A lot barely even give wiggle room to get out of the way of a pothole.

  9. listrade

    The Westland Row one always features on the Twitter feed. I’ve been cycling down that way for over 10 years and it has changed a lot, the main problem is a lack space for deliveries to the shops and cafes there. It changed within the last few years to be a designated (and wider) cycle lane but only allowing deliveries before 7 or after 10. Even as a fundamentalist cyclist, it seemed an impractical change.

  10. S Boles

    As if motorists, pedestrians and public transport users never moan!

    If you get around by bike as your main mode of transport, this sort of thing gets pretty aggravating. Cars parked in clearways, mandatory cycle lanes, no enforcement etc. and it’s the same on every street in town.

    I’ll concede it was a bad selection of images to illustrate the point (1, 2 and 4, anyway) but there are plenty more better ones where they came from. Unlike most transport moaning, bad parking can be a genuine safety issue, and it affects the young, inexperienced and elderly bike users the most.

  11. Jones

    If overtaking a parked car/van/truck is considered too dangerous for someone on a bike then sir/madam may I suggest you leave your bike at home in future.

    1. jon

      It means you have to swerve into a road full of traffic coming right up behind you.

      But I’m guessing you knew that anyway. If you didn’t, you’re thick as mince.

      1. Jones

        Simply slow down, look behind, wait until space frees and then move. As if in a car performing the same manoeuvre.

        1. Vote Rep #1

          Or just ignore the cycle lane and cycle on the road. Probably the safest thing to do for everyone concerned.

  12. Jack Ascinine

    Rush hour, this morning on Westland Row, some bright spark took it upon themselves to not only park their car in the bike lane, but did it facing the wrong way on the wrong side of the road. Nevermind about a delivery truck stopping to drop off some goods, idiots that park in the bike lane on the wrong side of the road should have their license taken off of them.

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