18 thoughts on “De Monday Papers

  1. Ronan

    So the families ask for privacy and that’s The Sun’s front page? Can you imagine the front page if they hadn’t asked for privacy.

    1. TripleC

      Typical treatment of by the Irish national media, broadsheets and tabloids alike. Reporters will likely be cold-calling the family homes of these poor families of weeks to come, looking for a hatchet job to sell papers with.

      1. Sharon's Boyfriend

        -are you a friend / relative / ex-school buddy / neighbour etc?
        Call us. the cheque is already written out, we just need your name.

        Ideally we’re looking for someone heartbroken, someone who begged someone not to go to the USA in the first place because they had a premonition, but we’ll take anything.

        Thank you for taking the effort to read.
        We know it’s hard.

        The Tabloids.

    1. Nice Anne (Dammit)

      You mean the Indian PM wearing the Tiraṅgā which is the flag of country….. shurely…

  2. Quint

    Into another week and the Berkeley coverage continues. Time for privacy for the families but the ailing newspaper industry is feeding off the story like vultures.

    1. Kieran NYC


      Heard at least one photo agency refused to cover the return of the bodies. Guessing the tabloids will find another way though.

  3. TransOpTrans

    Privacy? The State flew flags at half-mast. How about that for privacy. #notinmyname

    1. PaddyIrishMan

      Don’t be an eejit…. That was an important mark of respect and nothing to do with privacy.

  4. Bonkers

    Both politicians and the media are all over the Berkeley story like a bad rash, mainly because the story gives both of them a free run- the politicians keep pertinent issues of the agenda and the media have an easy time writing stories by simply trawling the Twitter and Facebook accounts of the victims and their friends to copy and paste reams of articles.

    The families should just be left alone at this stage but the stories just come too easy to resist so on it goes. I bet Redacted is grinning at the distraction and has INM in full scale funeral mode for the entire week

  5. Lilly

    Sickening that the newspapers can not respect the bereaved families request for privacy. You’d think after all they’ve been through, and have yet to go through, that decency would prevail. But no, the bottom line rules and to hell with them.

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