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  1. Harry the Horse

    Quick, get the gossip mongers going here. I’m sure they can make up a story to suit the picture……..

  2. Dubh Linn

    Oooohhh I’ll start – I’d say he is after commissioning a wig making wearhouse in that empty building. The plan is to make DOBby wigs so the ordinary pleblicite can get the ‘Power Mane’ look for a mere $499.99 (not including postage)

    It’s his way saying ‘thanks for the bailouts’

    1. Parky Mark

      Nah, Iveagh market doesn’t have Denis involved. This is a place down by the back of the new Teeling distillery.

  3. Dubloony

    Dublin 8 is the new in-place to be apparently. Nice old building there, could be sprucing it up?

  4. Clampers Outside

    Dublin 8 has a good rush going on with 1/2 a billion being spent on various projects… and the hospital’s been buying up property around it… Guinness just announced development on James’ St entrance where the guard box is at the gate, to be turned into a public bar/restaurant… or so the planning appeared to say… I’ll post it when I get to a desktop, if anyones interested…

    1. Dubloony

      Not to mention 2 distilleries – Teelings and an old church currently being renovated.
      All happening in D8 ;-)

      1. Clampers Outside!

        Yup! :)

        Here’s that Guinness / Diageo application….

        Area: Area 2 – South Central
        Application Number: 2990/15
        Application Type: Permission
        Applicant: Diageo Ireland
        Site within Guinness Brewery Lands, Lands to the south of James’s Street Bound by James’s Street to the north, existing brewery lands to south and east and St. James’s Church/Echlin Street, Dublin 8
        Planning permission for development at the Experimental Brewery building which is part of the existing Guinness Brewery lands to the south of James’s Street, Dublin 8. The subject site is bound by James’s Street to the north, existing brewery areas to the south and east, and St. James’s Church / Echlin Street to the west.
        The existing Experimental Brewery building has an area of approximately 2,800 sq.m over 5 floors (over lower ground floor). The proposed development will consist of the change of use of approximately 225 sq.mof the existing Experimental Brewery facility at upper ground floor level from a tasting area to a public bar area and associated ancillary facilities including associated internal and external modifications. The internal modifications include the upgrade and refurbishment of the existing tasting area / toilet facilities and internal minor works. There will be no increase in floor area as a result of this development. The proposed associated modifications include:
        1. The installation of new external disabled lift at the northern facade of the Experimental Brewery building.
        2. The conversion of an existing guard hut into a covered smoking area (approximately 10sq.m) to the east of the existing entrance gate and 3 no. bicycle parking spaces to the west of the existing entrance gate on James’s Street.
        3. The provision of a sign (approximately 0.9m X 0.6m) on the existing timber entrance gate on James’s Street.
        4.Provision of a new pedestrian entrance within the existing entrance gate on James’s Street.
        All of the above and associated site development works are proposed on a site of approximately 575 sq.m/0.0575 hectares within the overall established Guinness Brewery lands at St. James’s Gate James’s street and Victoria Quay Dublin 8. The application relates to the development which is for the purpose of an activity not required to be within the scope of Diageo’s existing integrated Prevention Pollution Control Licence (IPPC) for the site. The Guinness Brewery Lands contains several protected structures, none of these are affected by this application.

        Registration Date: 12-Jun-2015

        1. Anomanomanom

          I live near the Guinness factory and the land they own is huge. Good to see some of it being used again. Dublin 8 seems to be the market to get into at the moment. I know rents in my apartment block are €900 for the cheapest so commercial rates are sure to start sky rocketing.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Well, we don’t want ’em doing that… there’s no one in a lot of them in the area, some empty since I moved into the area in 1997. Let’s hope this is managed properly…

            *crosses everything and prays to Jebus and all the other sky things*

          2. Anomanomanom

            I’d love to see all the premises filled. But I’m not sure what part you moved to but iv lived in D8 all my life and up until the “good” times ended every premises was full. But it’s an inevitability that has an area does well, or to coin a phrase I hate, start going a bit more up market the premises fill and land Lords become greedy because they know the area is desirable for business.

  5. Brian S

    walk up and give him a smack on behalf of the state, cause he’ll be getting away with all his previous transgressions scot free

  6. The Hurricane Fly

    Is that the current CEO of BOI with his back to us?

    If so, good to see the clock has been officially rewound. Lets party.

  7. Caroline

    That’s blackpitts beside fumbally exchange, BAM had planning for apartments !
    I guess he’s installing water meters

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