23 thoughts on “Look After Your Chin Curtain

    1. Stewart Curry

      Seems pretty obvious that it’s to stop beard hair falling into customer’s food.

  1. Tibor

    Pretty standard piece of health & safety kit when working in many areas.
    If people wear hair nets in their ‘top of the head hair’ then why would you be surprised at a beard net?
    Anyone preparing food without one should be the one you’ve a concern about.

    1. Colin

      I’m staggered most people don’t know this. Its common place in all food prep areas.

    1. John Cassidy

      Shave your stupid beard off then. Beards just make people look 10 years older and like a hipster. Nobody in their right mind would want either of these.

  2. Murtles

    Used to prevent hipsters short and curlies falling into your grilled chicken sammich for lunch. Nothing worse that cruching down on a gingers* chin hair at lunchtime.

    * Cause lets face it, it always seems to be the souless in the food prep industry who insist they must have facial hair. Even the women.

    1. Parky Mark

      So it’s only hipsters who need to wear them? People with beards who aren’t hipsters don’t need to?

      1. St. John Smythe

        exactly, the necessity to wear them is gauged by measurement of trouser width

      2. The People's Hero

        People with beards who are not hipsters tend not to work in hipster eateries therefore they’ve nothing to worry about…..

  3. BobbyJ

    Was asked if wearing one would be a problem when offered a PT deli job way back in 2005 (student days) in a UK supermarket chain. They ain’t new

  4. Ppads

    Beards were great back when the gays had them because they were well clipped but now every lazy slob thinks they have an excuse not to bother shaving. They look really unhygienic and shouldn’t be let near a food counter in the first place.

  5. Nof

    The bigger story here is that theres a creep going around taking photos of people without their knowledge and then posting them on the interweb…shame on broadsheet for normalising this type of invasion of privacy

    1. Tiddle McGee

      The guy is apparently in a business that’s open to the public, so what make you believe that anyone’s privacy is being infringed?

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