Meanwhile, In Banbridge


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13 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Banbridge

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Paedophile Protector Extraordinaire !

    I expect him to be vague and full of faux sincerity and all the while protecting the Vatican failures and cover ups and protection of paedophiles in efforts to save face…. such a sick, sick, sick institution is the Vatican.

    Not one of those fupps will get through their so called pearly gates.

  2. ABM

    It’s a grim, complicated and thankless job.

    Somebody has to do it. He is on the ground discharging his duties and doesn’t seek notoriety, attention or personal gain. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    In fairness to the British, at least they are pro-active about the clean up job. Here, we just set up legal gravy trains and let it go on for as long as possible.

      1. ABM

        I do admire him. If you look at his life’s work, he has achieved an immense amount (as a teacher, priest and bishop). I think he is treated very unfairly by the Dublin media which is inherently hostile to the evil church. If you actually spent a few minutes observing the man, you would quickly see that he is very humble, modest and happy to chat to anyone (I shook his hand once when I was a student – I was surprised that he stopped to talk to me at all because he was in the middle of chatting to a well-known professor). I didn’t know what to say to him, but he did ask me what I was studying and how I was. He has made a huge contribution to the Irish church, the universal church and wider Irish society. It’s easy to discount/ignore his contribution to the peace process. His outputs speak for themselves and that is what he will be remembered for – not for hectoring photos of him doing his job.

        The burden of moral responsibility and the weight of office is huge (as it is for all cardinals). A moment’s bad thought or a bad stroke of the pen can have huge consequences. But he has decades of training and preparation for this and evidently he fulfills his duties to the best of his ability under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. If he couldn’t, I would have no doubt that he would step aside.

        Ultimately, it is God who will judge him. He knows this more than any of us.

        1. gallantman

          To be fair to him, If he had tried to stop the child rapist his career might have suffered. Instead he went all the way to The Cardinal’s Palace no less! What an inspiration!!!!!

        2. Jordofthejungle

          Lol – ABM’s or Liam’s paltry attempt at putting lipstick on the pig of child abuse cover-up and obfuscating victims access to justice. The cleric Brady is such a hero. Even allowing for his small error of swearing a juvenile child abuse victim to secrecy – all in a bid to protect the institution of the Roman Church, Brady, the highest ranking Roman cleric in Ireland then shamelessly his behind the Eichmann defence of “following orders” and refused to resign. Many of us make errors but his small errors and those of his ilk literally destroyed lives.

  3. martco

    well there’s always a first time for everything…seems I agree with you ABM, protecting paedos would indeed be a grim complicated and thankless job

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