Love A Duck



Ducks of all shapes and sizes scattered around Bray, Co Wicklow in memory of Georgia Murphy, age 13, who died following an asthma attack last week.

At Georgia’s funeral yesterday mourners were given a piece of chalk and encouraged by her parents Janet and Niall (a founder of Broadsheet) to draw a picture of a duck (Georgia’s nickname) around Bray and elsewhere (more at link below).

You can donate €2 to the Asthma Society of Ireland by texting BREATH to 50300, attaching a duck image if possible.

Ducks For Georgia (Facebook)

Janet Phillips

21 thoughts on “Love A Duck

  1. Lilly

    So sad. I saw her death on the newspaper yesterday, it said following a tragic episode and I wondered what that might have been. So frightening for all concerned. RIP.

  2. The Dude

    Very sorry to hear of the death of the poor girl, a beautiful way to pay her tribute. May she rest in peace.

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